Government-backed Ajira Digital Clubs Goes to All Kenya Universities


The ICT Ministry’s Ajira Digital program, which was begun many years ago, demonstrated how children might acquire productive work through digital training. Its target group is still intriguing because Ajira could appeal to them, regardless of whether they have worked or not.

Ajira began formalizing structures at colleges and TVETs around the country in 2018. The structures, known as Ajira Digital Clubs, are essentially communities within the mentioned institutions that are administered by students for students.

In the next days, the Clubs will be launched across all universities and TVETS. The communities will also function as incubators for business programs and will provide access to training, coaching, and online job fairs.

Furthermore, Ajira Patron and Ajira Club champions will serve the Clubs, and they will be entrusted with planning various events that are targeted for all students, as well as providing opportunity for them to gain digital skills.

As part of our target, mission, and a broader strategy to enable 1 million Kenyan youth to earn a decent wage from digital and digitally-enabled jobs annually, we are today supporting that noble cause through the launch of the Ajira Digital Clubs. We believe that this initiative will be of critical importance in our journey and a number of the youth especially from our universities and TVETS will benefit immensely – Cabinet Secretary, Joe Mucheru.

Finally, students will be able to learn about the online work opportunities available to them, as well as how they may use the digital ecosystem to gain access to jobs and training.