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What Is the PMP and PMP certification salary

PMP refers to the qualification of the Project Management Professional. It is a qualification examination initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States and rigorously evaluates whether the knowledge and skills of the project managers have high quality.

Its purpose is to provide unified industry standards for project managers. At present, the Project Management Institute established the following certification examination: PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Manager). They have set up certification examination institutes in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.

PMP (Project Management Professional) is the qualification of the Project Management Professional. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States has been promoted in more than 190 countries and regions around the world, which is currently the most valuable certification in the field of project management. Obtaining a PMP certificate not only improves the project management level of the project manager but also directly reflects the personal competitiveness of the project manager, which is a symbol of the identity of the project management professionals.

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Since 1999, PMP certification has been carried out in China. The international invigilator, Pullman, is responsible for invigilation and examination organization.

PMP, as world-wide a professional project management qualification examination, has established its international authority:

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1. PMP has trained a large number of project management professionals for the United States, and this project management profession has become the “golden occupation” in the United States. In China, many media have called the PMP one of the three golden signboards after MBA and MPA.

2. PMP certification has become an international certification standard in nine languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

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3. So far, there are more than 800,000 Project Management Professionals in the world, and more than 180,000 in mainland China have been awarded the title of “PMP”, and the number is increasing year by year.

4. Many countries have imitated the project management certification system of the United States, which has promoted the development of project management in the world.

In order to obtain the PMP certification, candidates must meet the PMI requirements for project management expertise and relevant work experience. On the other hand, professionals with the PMP certificates should continue to work on projects to constantly adapt to the development of project management requirements!

PMP certificate is the most popular certificate in IT Internet industry currently. Then how about the value of PMP certificate? The following tips are for you to sort out some relevant information. I hope it can bring you some help.

PMP certification contains high value! As we all know, there are certain requirements for obtaining and renewing the PMP certificate. Not all of us can take the exam, not all of us can pass the exam smoothly, and not all of us can hold the certificate for a long time.

For these reasons, PMP certification has maintained a rational and stable development. The current era is an era of project development. Economic development and enterprise innovation are all needed for the implementation of one project after another. The premise of obtaining PMP certificate is to have certain project management methods to achieve the perfect implementation of the project. This gives project managers and holders of PMP certificates more opportunities, so PMP certificates are the most popular.

According to the SPOTO PMP certification salary survey, with the increasing value and popularity of PMP, the salary standard of people who have passed the PMP has also been improved, generally reaching USD 31,080 to USD 46,620 per year. Even in some high-tech industries, the salary of PMP project managers can reach more than USD 77,700 per year.

Through the PMP certification descendants are generally engaged in project management work, their salaries are among the best in the industry. Among them, a PMP certified person with three years of project management experience can earn an annual salary of USD 38,850 as a general project manager, and a PMP certified person with more than five years of project management experience can earn an annual salary of USD 54,390 to USD 62,160 as a general project manager. You can find out more from SPOTO site.

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