Unknown Apple Watch surfaced: this smartwatch was not allowed to exist


Not everything that Apple designs comes later as a finished product in the shops. Much more often than you might think, ideas are quickly discarded, or specific models are previously found unsuitable in the decision-making process. So it also happened with a particular Apple Watch, which ultimately was not allowed to exist.

Notable smartwatch: Apple Watch made of black ceramic discovered

Two years ago, the iPhone manufacturer presented the Apple Watch Series 5. There was also a ceramic version as “Apple Watch Edition”-well over 1.000 Euro expensive, but also particularly pretty, robust, scratch-resistant and yet very light. Customers had no choice but to choose the colour. They were only available in white, and you could then individualize them only by purchasing various bracelets.

But Apple originally had other plans, as evidenced by a now-surfaced prototype of the smartwatch. To be precise, the collector and leaker “Mr·White” presents us with a case of the Apple Watch Series 5, made of black ceramic. In another picture, you can see the illuminating comparison to the white ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 5. It looks very appealing, so why did Apple waive a production?

Why could not this Apple Watch be in the shops?

There will hardly be an official answer to this question, but we could already imagine an understandable reason. If you look at the black ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 5, it is very reminiscent of the variants of black stainless steel that are also available today – called “Space Black” at Apple. A noticeable difference does not exist. It remains only the material advantage.

For Apple, in the end, probably too little to offer another ceramic version. After all, more variants for Apple also mean more costs. They have to be re-recorded. However, the success of the black Apple Watch made of ceramic was not believed, so it was not allowed to exist.

In the successor model of the Apple Watch Series 6, the US manufacturer then wholly dispensed with a model made of ceramic. Instead, the edition model is now made of titanium. But will this also mean the end of ceramics as a material for Apple’s smartwatches in the future?

Whether the new Apple Watch 7 will be made of ceramic again? At least the new design is safe

Soon we will also control the Apple Watch without contact – to be seen in the video:


Apple Watch 7: new smartwatch design in pictures

Not necessarily, as a look back reveals. Apple originally introduced the ceramic version with the Apple Watch Series 2 and continued this with the Apple Watch Series 3. However, the Apple Watch Series 4 had to do without such a special model, and number 5 was again happy, number 6 no longer. Ergo: Apple rummages the innovative material again and again. Who knows, maybe there’s the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 again in noble white?