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The Best Photo-Editing Software in 2021

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Top Photo-Editing Software to Try in 2021

Today, photography is a strong commercial tool that can ensure your business success as well as an instrument of self-expression with so many social media where people want to look good. Professional cameras and smartphone cameras with high resolution enable people to create stunning images, but it’s not enough. Photo editing is a crucial step you need to make before making a photo public. Consider adding filters and correcting brightness and contrast for a striking output. With so many great editing tools on the Internet, it may be a bit challenging to find the best one. If you are into professional photography, take a look at this article about top photo editing software for photographers as it features lots of decent tools and actionable tips. Those who want to edit their photos for posting on Instagram or Facebook may resort to a list of free photo-editing software and try different photo-improving tools.

In this article, we will focus on the best photo editing software you can choose from in 2021 and take your photography to a new quality level.

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Photo-Editing Styles to Try

Before opting for editing software, get acquainted with popular styles to experiment with and get an adorable output.

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HDR means High Dynamic Range that is providing your photo with a long range of shadows and highlights. In order to create an HDR look, you need to brighten the shadows, adjust noise and lower the highlights. This style is perfect for editing landscapes and architectural photography.

Clean Editing

With a clean edit, you will have your image cleaned up, adjusting basic editing elements like clarity, sharpness, and color temperature. It can help you to get a professional photo looking as natural as possible. This editing style is a time-tested option that will never become obsolete. There is no use in adding filters or changing the background, as a plethora of other tools can make your photo ideal.

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Matte Finish

Try matte photo editing style to give your photo a vintage look. This technique is quite popular among both amateurs and professionals seeking effective means to impress the audience. It looks a bit washed out due to the curves you adjust, slightly dark and moody, but these characteristic features make the style special. A matte finish photo edit is perfect for portraits and different types of landscapes, so do not hesitate to experiment and discover new photo properties.

Vintage Film

The vintage film style is perfect for people who have nostalgia about the 1970s and 1980s and adore this period in all its beauty. Heavy grains and washed colors make photos look fantastic. Portraits can gain a new look, and you’ll be able to reveal your beauty from a different perspective. Add rounded corners, white borders, and many other compelling features to your photo. This style is worth your attention, so check it, and you’ll not regret it.

Black and White

This editing style will never be outdated due to its ability to make any photo fashionable and attractive. Black and White is a classic that is perfect for beginners. A medium level of contrast and clarity amplify the output glamour. The black and white option is great for street and documentary photography, as well as for impressive portraits for different occasions.

The Best Photo Editing Software in 2021

These five pieces of modern software are recognized as top editing tools for any person in love with photography. Check them out and choose yours.

#1 Movavi Picverse

This tool is designed for PC users providing a wide range of options for professional editing. You will be able to benefit from a plethora of features, from correcting brightness and contrast and adding filters to changing the background. Professional and amateur editors find photo editing with Movavi straightforward and productive. Movavi Picverse Photo Editor is a paid software, but you may try it for free and define whether it is worth paying. It’s AI-powered photo editing software with a user-friendly interface that allows its users to find and create what they need quickly. With AI technology, it’s easy to optimize the colors and contrast in a photo. There are so many fascinating features that you need to try on your own.

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#2 PaintShop Pro

This photo editing software enables users of all skill levels to take advantage of a rich toolset, meaning that you will be able to edit, retouch, and correct your photos. PaintShop Pro is an innovative solution powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. You can use the following tools for editing photos like Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds, Scratch Remover, and Fade Correction that are essential for every editor. The adjustment tools include correcting brightness and contrast, fade correction, white balance, noise removal, etc. Some tools like adding a watermark, picture frame, and resizing may be saved and automated to use them any time.

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#3 Luminar AI

Fully powered by AI, Luminar gives its users the possibility to edit photos without much time and effort. Luminar AI analyses the image, suggests a template and applies it to a series that allows it to achieve a unified style. Every phototype is given a separate way of editing, meaning that portraits and landscapes will get different toolsets. For example, portrait editing includes fixing skin and face, while for landscapes, you can change the sky and add atmosphere, changing the background. Benefit from the free version and download a paid one if you need more editing features.

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#4 ACDSee

ACDSee photo editing software offers a range of quality products that provide their users unforgettable editing experience: ACDSee Photo Editor 11, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 7, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021. With RAW editing, you can adjust your rough data with a long list of detail-based features. Advanced Light EQ™ is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust the lighting in specific areas of your image without affecting the whole image. With layered editing, it is easy to make a creative photo due to the possibility to add layered adjustments and effects, blank layers, masks, selections to separate areas.

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#5 DxO PhotoLab 4

It is a professional editing tool with advanced features that significantly simplifies the photographer’s routine. You can get amazing results with unparalleled optical correction, U POINT technology, DxO ColorWheel, DxO Smart Lighting, and DxO PhotoLibrary. Benefit from calibrated presets from various categories: portrait, landscape, black and white, single-image HDR, and edit your photos with pleasure.

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Photo editing is a detailed process requiring patience and carefulness, but we are sure that with this modern photo editing software, you will enjoy this process. There are many options on the Internet, but you may use a trial period to see whether the tool corresponds to your expectations.

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