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What are the best smartwatches 2021

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Smartwatches have become a trendy tech product that can be found on the wrist of many users wishing to benefit from a follow-up of their activities, sports sessions, and health. If Apple remains the market leader with the popular Apple Watch, the competition is showing more and more convincing with its smartwatches.

1.Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • A redesigned design, exquisite
  • The beautiful and bright screen
  • Comfortable for both sport and utility functions
  • Also complete for sports and connected functions

The Galaxy Watch3 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches of 2020. Revisited with a design all in luxury and finesse, accompanied by Tizen and its rotating ring, a screen to fall on the floor, and many features, the beauty has what it takes to seduce. It, unfortunately, sins by a remote autonomy, much lower than that of the first Galaxy Watch. It will also be necessary to pass the pitfall of the price that climbs from one generation to the next. Apart from that, you can darken with your eyes closed. You will not regret it!

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2.Apple Watch Series 6

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • Top of the top
  • Very bright screen
  • Fluid and responsive system
  • watchOS is enriched but remains very ergonomic
  • The reference for Apple-Users

The Apple Watch Series 6 is positioned as a technical upgrade with little novelties. Suppose the presence of an oximeter is an appreciable addition, and the screen is even more visible in direct sunlight. In that case, it is fast charging, despite always limited autonomy, which is the main noticeable improvement of this new generation. Apple’s smartwatch, however, remains one of the most complete and powerful available today. Too bad it’s so expensive.

3.Oppo Watch

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • A good compromise
  • Super rectangular screen!
  • Premium design and finishes
  • Relatively complete eco mode
  • An inspired watch under Wears OS

The Oppo Watch is a Wear OS watch, to say the least original with its look of Apple Watch. Although its interface is adapted to this quality slab, it still suffers from the same flaws specific to Google’s system, which prevents it from really standing out. As qualitative as possible, this Android smartwatch is a victim of solid competition against the TicWatch Pro 3, which is cheaper and better equipped. Ditto the recent Apple Watch SE. Nevertheless, it is the only one to attempt the adventure of the rectangular screen for a while. Fans of this format will be overjoyed, Oppo mastering the recipe very well on this side.

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4.Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • Value for money
  • Impeccable design and finishes with high-end materials
  • AMOLED screen to fall to the ground
  • LiteOS very easy to use
  • A sporty and luxurious watch

The Watch GT2 Pro takes the quality of Huawei’s productions up a notch. Between a superb screen, quality finishes and impressive autonomy, it has enough to seduce many people. It is just a shame that LiteOS is not evolving as fast. The practical part of the watch is too poor. Some sports functions are not at the point. Despite everything, this stunning smartwatch will seduce beginners or intermediate athletes looking for a sports connected watch not too expensive and able to look like a” genuine” urban watch.

5.Fossil Gen 5

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • The elegant
  • Snapdragon Wear 3100
  • WearOS 2.0
  • Autonomy in progress…
  • The Wear BONE experience at its climax

It is undeniable. The Fossil Gen 5 opens the voice for a new era. With its higher performance SoC and an improved system, it is worth a look.

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6.Apple Watch SE

Why Techmoran Likes It?

  • Alternative
  • A device with exemplary finishes
  • Large and bright screen
  • watchOS 7, complete and responsive
  • The entrance ticket for iPhone users

The Apple Watch SE is the perfect smartwatch for iPhone users. The manufacturer has developed a very successful product from a hardware and software perspective, which offers its users enough power and features to justify its starting price. The recurring flaws of the Apple Watch are also part of the game, namely an autonomy still as limited and a link still too deep with the iPhone. Still, for the rest, the Apple Watch SE is the perfect missing chain between an ageing Apple Watch Series 3 and a Series 6, even more, advanced but also much more expensive.

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