How well manager software can help for oil and gas companies?


Well manager software are varieties of programs that help you monitor your remote assets. As a monitoring program, they allow you to make informed decisions when you are managing your well. They are digital tools that help you monitor your remote assets and are often recommended for use by companies such as What can well manager software do for your oil or gas company?

Tailored Software For All Sectors

You can find yourself a piece of software or a subscription service that is tailored for all sectors in the gas and oil industry. They can be used downstream, midstream, or upstream. Keeping your oil fields, your assets, and your machinery running smoothly is all part of keeping your operation profitable. If your actions result in higher production costs and/or higher fuel costs, then people will react angrily (including your shareholders).

Cost Efficient Well Management

If you find yourself the right piece of software for saas companies, you can enjoy a monitoring system that ensures cost-efficient operations. You can employ smart-field operations that provide integrated data live-streams from your wellhead to the boardroom, and this can be done on a daily or even hourly basis.

If you pick a tailored well manager solution, then you can choose to have it capable of harnessing Cloud computing, and all the benefits that come with that. In fact, tailor the right one, and you can take advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and digital field data capture technology (FDC).

What About Pricing?

In many cases, the software you buy is very expensive. It is a one-time piece of software that you then update and customize with your own staff. In some cases, the software is built as a very basic tool, and then the sellers come in and modernize and customize the software to fit your company and your specific needs.

Many varieties of well management software come with some sort of free trial version. Some are single-payment services, and others are priced for licenses that last a week, a month, or a year. In many cases, the costs of your product are very expensive. Yet, you can often do things like under-play the number of employees you have, and you will get a better price. However, this tactic has a few moral questions connected to it.

What Key Features Do You Want?

All of this is going to depend on the type of oil, gas or energy company you are using. It will also depend on the size of your company, how many people are going to use it, and how much you intend to alter the software yourself if you are given the chance. Nevertheless, here is a list of some of the most commonly requested key features.

  1 – Cloud storage solutions

  2 – Remote control of the asset’s integrity

  3 – Battery and solar power edge device

  4 – Cloud computing

  5 – Copy of your infrastructure available online

  6 – Cloud asset monitoring dashboards

  7 – Sensors installation that follow the best field practices

  8 – Pricing at a scaled or fair daily cost

  9 – Seamless integration with business processes

10 – C1D1 and C1D2 certifications

11 – Integration with existing systems

12 – Satellite communication options

13 – Cellular communications solutions

Isn’t Well Management Software Built for Gas and Oil Companies?

Even if you do not run a well or any sort of oil asset, there are still benefits to be had from well management software. Still, the primary customer for this type of software is people who are in the oil, gas or energy industry. 

Data comes from a wide variety of sources, and the data needs to enter the organization in an ordered and understandable manner. Well management software allows data to enter the organization in a way that maintenance people can understand, that managers can understand, and that boardroom members and shareholders can understand.

Plus, the information that is filtered into the company can be used in various other applications. The well management software sends in data, and other applications mine that information to do their job and produce their results.

Data Quality

The key to a good piece of well management software is how good the data is that it provides. There are a lot of factors to consider, but that is the job of the software and hardware manufacturers. Your job is to find the software and hardware that best does the job.

The quality of the data matters, but so does the way the data is integrated into your current systems and/or used by the apps the well management company provides. Maybe part of your job is to test data quality and integrate, but in most cases, your only job is to find the sort of company that does the work for you. Your job should be to find the company that offers the best quality data and who is able to integrate it perfectly into your existing systems.