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After a decade: Legendary mobile phone series returns

by Joseph Richard
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It took more than a decade until the comeback, but now a new edition of the Motorola Defy is just around the corner. Waterproof and fall-proof should be the new model, which has double-sealed housing. In other areas, the mobile phone also wants to convince.

Motorola Defy: New variant as rugged phone

Especially for the outdoor sector, Motorola has presented the new Motorola Defy in cooperation with the Bullitt Group. Just like its predecessor, which was launched in October 2010, it is a smartphone that is well protected from water and dust. But this is where the similarities end again.

The rugged phone Motorola Defy has a double-sealed case and is waterproof according to the standard IP68. According to the manufacturer, the mobile phone can survive 35 minutes at a water depth of up to 1.5 m. A fall of up to 1.8 m does not pose any problems for the smartphone, nor does extreme temperatures.

Can’t harm salt water either: The new Motorola Defy.

The battery has also opted for a continuous runner, which has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. Motorola speaks here of a term that extends over two days. In addition, they have opted for a triple camera on the back, which allows images with up to 48 MP. The HD+ display comes to a diagonal of 6.5 inches. Inside, the Snapdragon 662 is used, which is supported by 4 GB of RAM. This is comparatively tiny. Here Motorola could have put an on it.

A first insight into the Motorola Defy can be found here in the video:

Outdoor mobile phone Motorola Defy costs KES 42,332

Motorola wants to make the new edition of the Defy available for KES 42,332 if it comes to Kenya God willing. The manufacturer has not yet named an exact date, but the mobile phone is to be sold “in the coming weeks.” In terms of colors, there is probably not much choice.

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