Please Do Order iPhone 13 now: Crazy Russians pre-empt Apple

Image source : Caviar

Order the iPhone 13 now? It can only be a bad joke. You know, at the earliest in September, Apple will officially show us the new phone. However, creative and slightly crazy Russians see this. Differently, their unique versions can already be ordered now – but it applies, nothing for poor swallowers.

One thing is sure: In September, we will officially see apple’s iPhone 13. But it is also confident: You can pre-order the new phone first, not from Apple, but already in Russia. Like last year, Caviar’s smartphone refiners are coming before the US manufacturer. How can this be?

iPhone 13 Pro (Max) from Russia: special editions of the Apple phone can be pre-ordered

To clarify, of course, the crazy Russians do not have exclusive access to the new Apple phone in advance. Instead, they are based on the already widely spread and probably true rumors, design considerable unique models on the computer based on them and collect orders diligently. It will be built and delivered when Apple also supplies Caviar. The basis is always the “normal versions” of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – the non-Pro variants are not even refined as usual. Logically, when looking at the price scale.

The cheapest variant made of leather

The cheapest version made of carbon and alligator leather, for example, starts from 757 852 KES, but there is also a version made of solid gold (750, 18 carats) from 4,872,320 Million (KES). Apart from these versions for the iPhone 13, it is also possible to select the existing iPhone 12 without further ado and then transfer them to the iPhone 13. Among the new, exclusive editions for the iPhone 13, the “Space Smartphones” models stand out in particular.

The two editions “Moon and Sun” and “Starfall” not only have titanium back with gilded elements but also an hourglass – what a pretty gimmick at prices from KSH 808 054. Good to know: There should only be 99 pieces each.

Ludicrous iPhone: model with tourbillon and meteorites

Even more exclusive, only eight pieces are built each, is the model “Parade of the Planets.” This iPhone 13 also has a titanium back and an hourglass, and a mechanical watch with a tourbillon. On top of that, there are still genuine meteorites integrated. In addition to the titanium version, there is also a gold-colored version – prices start at 1,481,003 million(KES). However, the device is not suitable for the trouser pocket, not only because of the exorbitant cost. The watch construction consumes a lot of space and turns the once slim smartphone into a fat work of art in the truest sense of the word.

The question arises: If money does not matter, should you strike and pre-order the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) in Russia? First of all, you don’t have to worry. Although the creators of Caviar are considered “special,” they are not scammers. So the things exist, or will there be, about the iPhone 13.

But you have to know that you won’t get the iPhone 13 sooner, but rather a whole lot later. After all, the works of art have yet to be built. You also lose the manufacturer’s warranty. You then have to contact Caviar directly in case of need. Not to forget, Wireless charging via MagSafe or other Qi charging pads is impossible. The artistically decorated back makes this impossible. In summary: It has always been a bit expensive to have a particular taste, and you have to make compromises.