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YouTube TV Launches 4k Playback And Offline Download But At A Cost

by Vanessa Waithera
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YouTube TV has launched a 4k playback and offline download but at a cost.

YouTube TV today reveals details about two expected new features. 4K playback and offline download. After all, the service will bundle them into a new add-on package called “4K Plus”. If you don’t have one, you can’t get the other.

4K Plus is available today with an additional charge of $ 19.99(KSh 1900) per month in addition to the standard $ 64.99 (KSh 6,500) YouTube TV Subscription. It sounds terribly expensive, but at least it has this. Customers receive a one-month free trial.

Sign up early and 4K Plus will be discounted to $ 9.99 (KSh 900) per month for the first year. It’s easier to swallow than $ 20 (KSh 2,000), but when the first promotion expires, it will eventually move to full price. So you’re looking at $ 75 (KSh 7,500) a month for the first year and $ 85 (KSh 8,500) if you want to keep 4K Plus after that. Add taxes and fees, well, it hurts.

For now, offline downloads will be a bigger issue for more customers than 4K streaming.

Except for some sporting events, network and cable TV lacks 4K content. YouTube isn’t really in a position to solve that dilemma, but 4K Plus subscribers said:

”YouTube TV is the moment of a particular sport or event without having to manually scrub. We are also preparing for the Olympics with new features that allow you to jump quickly.”

When asked if offline downloads would result in channel or content restrictions, YouTube said that anything recorded on the cloud DVR from the base channel package could be downloaded to the YouTube TV mobile app. Therefore, in theory, you will not encounter frustrating limits or channels that block functionality. Consider the price too! However, the company pointed out that some add-ons (I think you’re talking about HBO) may not allow offline downloads.

Offline viewing is rarely convenient, at least for streaming TV services.

For YouTube TV, this approach is a bit unique and Tivo-ish, as it actually pulls down the entire DVR recording as it was originally aired. According to YouTube, customers have full control over playback and rewind / fast forward should work fine.

Adding 4K Plus to your account also enables “unlimited” simultaneous streaming on all devices on your home Wi-Fi network. YouTube TV typically limits customers to three simultaneous streams, but this also applies to devices outside the home.

Dolby 5.1 Surround Appears on YouTube TV.

Welcome news all YouTube TV customers will also be “soon” to introduce support for Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound with this service. And this does not require any special planning or add-ons. According to YouTube, 5.1 audio has consistently been one of the biggest feature requests from subscribers. It will be rolled out to “some devices” in the coming weeks. Smart TVs are at the top of the list and will be followed by other platforms in the near future.

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