Streaming Platform Netflix Is Now Offering KSh 300 Mobile-Only Plan In Kenya


Streaming platform Netflix is now offering KSh 300 mobile-only plan in Kenya.

A lot of Kenyan millennials no longer want to have the same old traditional adverts that we see on local channels. This means that more people are opting to invest in streaming platforms such as Netflix which has a variety of movies and TV shows and no adverts. However, a majority of Kenyans still share their accounts with more people since the package is not affordable to most.

In order to succeed in such a market, the easiest thing to do is to create a unique subscription that is inexpensive. The new KSh 300 mobile-only plan will be available to all and it does not have any limitation apart from the fact that the videos will at 480p.

Other available plans.

Currently, there are three plans available from basic, standard and premium they are all different and the major difference being that with the premium subscription you’ll be able to operate on different devices simultaneously. Another popular streaming platform is Showmax which has taken over the market especially since they feature a lot of African shows and also have affordable plans for as little as KSh 700 and the premium is at KSh 1,450.

While Kenyans value their entertainment to many the quality of the videos don’t matter as much as the affordability. Kenya was not the only country that got better prices, Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa will be enjoying all these rates.

Other countries that have had their prices reduced on the lower tier of the Netflix plan include Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. This comes at a time when Netflix has almost become a household name in these various regions across the continent as people were forced to stay at home.