250,000 Safaricom Customers Have Taken Up Smartphones On Credit


250,000 Safaricom customers have taken up smartphones on credit.

Would you take a phone on credit? Personally taking a phone on credit would only make sense if it’s an actual need that will help in generating income. However, a number of Kenyans clearly need smartphones since Business Daily reported that about 1,016 customers have been buying smartphones per day.

This move has boosted the company significantly especially after the telco launched Lipa Mdogo Mdogo. In case you haven’t heard of this project, it’s an initiative where Safaricom customers will be able to get 4G-enabled devices and will be able to pay as little as KSh 20 daily.

Safaricom and Google partnership.

The goal to ensure that Kenyans would have the accessibility to smartphones started with the partnership between Goofle and Safaricom. The goal was to be able to produce one million affordable smartphones through this initiative which would then link Kenyans to faster internet as well.

Safaricom stated and said:

“Through Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, 250,000 customers made use of the offer, with over 60 percent upgrading from 2G and 3G to 4G devices,”

“This represents a growth of 39.8 percent year-on-year in 4G devices and will have been partially responsible for the 31.1 percent growth in data customers using more than 1GB.”

You may be wondering why people would need phones this badly but during the pandemic there was a need for more data as more people permanently started working remotely.

Since more people are using data Safaricom’s strategy is to lure customers to higher internet speeds who will be reliable in payment. As a way of ensuring that people pay back the company relies on data analytics before choosing who qualifies for the lipa mdogo mdogo plan.