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Funny Memes, Amazing tweets, and Images of the Euro 2021

Considerably more than different matches played, Euro 2021 has been the talk of social media since its inception to the last game played yesterday at 10 pm Kenyan time. Particularly on Twitter, where the creative mind of KOT and other internet Gurus will consistently push you to smile always.

On 11 July 2021, Italy crushed the England group in the last Euro 2021, after a match loaded with tension and finishing (by and by) with a penalty decision.

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At this event, Wembley Stadium was filled with at least  60,000 football lovers. On these grounds, memorable moments were captured and obviously turned into social -media sensations, especially on Twitter.

Chiellini becomes the King of Memes

In the 96th playtime, when the pressure was at its stature regarding whether the match would end in an eruption of splendor or forge ahead extra time, Giorgio Chiellini got the English player Bukayo Saka solidly by the neckline of his pullover, getting a yellow card.

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This activity drew the picture of the match, seized by numerous Internet users.


A shift of mood by the British royal family

The match appeared to be driven from the beginning by the English national team, with an objective from Luke Shaw in the second minute. We saw the British royal family eager in the displays before profoundly changing mindset toward the match’s finish.

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Furthermore, it’s difficult to miss the funny tweets highlighting Queen Elizabeth II.

The stars of the public

As usual, the spectators knew how to be noticed (without invading the lawn for all that).

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