YouTube Shorts: Google’s TikTok competitor comes to Kenya

yotube shorts
yotube shorts

The massive success of TikTok also makes Google ponder. With YouTube Shorts, a direct competitor to TikTok, it has now been launched in Kenya and other countries. Short videos in portrait format are intended to inspire users of YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts: Beta phase starts in Kenya

Through YouTube Shorts, Google wants to bring “short and memorable videos” to the fore. For this purpose, the service integrated into YouTube will be available on July 14 in Kenya and many other countries. Google describes YouTube Shorts as a “new playground of creativity” (source: KBC).

TikTok is not surprisingly not mentioned in Google’s announcement but may have been a model for YouTube Shorts. A fundamental difference is not to be found. It is about short videos that are shown in portrait format. The small clips, which may be up to 60 seconds long, can be accompanied by music by users. In addition, various filters are available. Comments, likes, and a share function are also public.

According to Google, there are music catalogs from more than 250 labels and publishers worldwide so that users of YouTube shorts do not have problems with music copyright. Among others, universal music group and Sony Music Entertainment will be there. Google is already talking about “millions of songs”.

YouTube Shorts: KSH 11,000 Million for Creatives

The importance of YouTube Shorts for Google is made clear by a new fund filled with KSh 11,000 million to be distributed from 2021 to 2022. The money will be used to support creatives in monetizing their short videos. However, no real details have been given so far. In this context, it also remains unclear how countries creatives can expect a certain amount of remuneration.