Magnetic power bank for iPhone for Ksh 13,800 Presented

Magnetic Power Bank
Magnetic Power Bank

The company has expanded the range of branded accessories with a compact external battery. A feature of the novelty was the magnetic mount MagSafe, thanks to which the gadget can be recharged without wires, without stopping to use the smartphone in normal mode.

The battery capacity of the small power bank is 1460 mAh. It is available in a single modification, which is positioned as universal for the entire line of iPhone 12. Charging power when using wirelessly is 5 W. When connected to a power supply – 15 W. At the same time, the vendor recommends using a 20-watt USB Type-C adapter to “refuel” the accessory.

For the portable battery to work, the iPhone 12 must be updated to iOS 14.7. In the description of the product, Apple also notes that by default, the power bank stops supplying power to the smartphone when the battery capacity of the latter reaches 90%. You can bypass this restriction in the settings by changing the power consumption mode of the device.

The cost of the MagSafe Battery Pack in Kenya will be Ksh 13,800, the date of the start of sales of the device will be announced later.