Netflix Adds two new features for Kids

Netflix for kids
Netflix for kids

Much appreciated by children, Netflix recently announced two new features to help them find their favorite content more easily.

Of course, Netflix readily acknowledges this: “Series and movies are a great way for children to be connected to the world around them, to discover new places, to strengthen ties with family and friends or to understand different points of view.” Precisely to bring more clarity on its content and facilitate the meeting between children and the content that corresponds to them, Netflix launches two new features.

More information to guide parents and children

The first of the two new features are more specifically aimed at parents. The latter will be able to receive, at a bimonthly pace (i.e., every two weeks), an e-mail through which they can better understand the preferences and interests of their children. Netflix wants to offer them new tools to develop the interaction between the youngest and the platform.

Among the tools offered, Netflix will provide parents with, and by extension, children, recommendations based on their children’s favorite movies and series. The platform also suggests children printable colorings and other activities inspired by their favorite characters each time.

In addition, Netflix will provide visuals of the different topics and themes of the programs that children usually watch the most and tips to facilitate and optimize the use of Netflix features dedicated to children.

The “top 10” arrives at Netflix for kids

After finding that the top 10 was a helpful feature and appreciated by subscribers because it helps them choose their programs, the American firm decided to extend it to Netflix for kids. Therefore, it is a top 10 of the most successful children’s content in the brand new fresh viewing country that makes its appearance in the children’s section of Netflix.

Netflix thus completes an already well-rounded range of tools designed to ensure safe navigation for the youngest, such as child profiles, profile locking, and personalized evaluations. “Strengthening children’s connection with their families, friends, and stories around the world have never been easier,” says Netflix.