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5 Qualities of a Good Speech Therapist

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Speech therapy is important not just for kids with delayed or grown-ups with a difficulty in a speech following complications. 

Before you select a speech therapist for your child or relative, here are some of the characteristics you might want to consider.

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Look For A Patient Therapist

Speech therapy is essentially a difficult part of therapy and especially when a child is involved, you are going to need someone who is patient enough to handle them. 

It is a long process taking a child from no words to a few and since everyone has a different mindset and understanding speed. 

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A good therapist will stick with a patient and help them at their pace and not worry too much about factors like their speech pathologist salary or money spent on the process.

Find One Who Uses Motivators

Kids live on the motivation and if you are looking for a speech therapist for your kid, one who handles kids with some motivators. 

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As a therapist, they should be able to read into a kid’s interest so it could be tiny cars, dolls, a star, or anything else. This drives the feeling of motivation as they will want to do more to achieve another form of reward.

A Good Speech Therapist Should Have Excellent Listening Skills

It might be ironic but a good speech therapist should have exceptional listening skills. The patients might be struggling to speak but they are alert in every other way. 

The therapist can be able to gauge the amount of progress they are making. With good communication, you can tell the issues without assuming and avoid issues that may result from patients feeling unheard.

Look For Persistence

Many patients give up due to frustration and probably feeling like they are not making progress. A persistent doctor will help a patient understand the process and see it through from beginning to end. 

Giving up halfway is not a very desirable trait. Some of the patients might have had a tough time even beginning therapy so it helps when they feel they are part of a duo that is dedicated to completing the journey.

Find One Who Is Adaptive

A good speech therapist is able to think on their feet and find solutions where there doesn’t seem to be any. The ability to improvise, adjust methods to suit a situation helps patients build a bond with the therapist, something important for the recovery process. 

When a child is involved in the process, the therapists need to adapt to their specific needs to make the therapy useful for them. This process does not have a one size fit all so the therapist should be able to come to the level of the patient and begin there.

Getting the therapist is one of the first steps considered in order to make progress in speech recovery. Consider these tips when making the selection process. While there are other things that might be on your list, these are some of the basic ones to have in mind. If you have no idea where to start, a referral from a pediatrician should start the process. You can learn more from places like Speech Pathology Graduate Programs.

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