Why Rafiki by Securex Home Security System Should Be Your Next Purchase


It is possible that you have seen a video or two about Rafiki by Securex, a home security package that has been doing rounds on the internet. The product is produced by Securex, a security company that has been in its business for many decades.

The package in the house has been under examination for nearly two months now, and we are certain that this is the best time to let you know about its performance, and whether it is a good pick for a customer who needs a home security system for under 10K, or a max of 15K if they need the package to come with a security camera.


Techmoran had a problem during the installation process of the Rafiki by Securex home security system. This concern has also been brought up by other friends in the industry, including Techweez.

The best solution, after many consultations, was to reach out to the Securex team that helped us install the products quickly.

And what does the package include?

Just the basics:

  1. Alarm panel
  2. Charging cable
  3. Charger
  4. Remote control
  5. Magnetic contact
  6. Motion sensor

The remote control is used to manage the system. but before we talk about it, here are some of the things you should know.

The system is powered by a mix of an internet connection (Wi-Fi), battery cells (triple As), electricity, and of course, the Rafiki by Securex app.

The system is also cloud-based, meaning that you can arm or disarm it from any part of the world provided you have an internet connection.

Rafiki by Securex App

The software comes in handy when installing the product, and adding the sensors mentioned above.

All you need to do is install it from an app store, set up an account, and login.

If the manual does little in helping you link the panel to Wi-Fi, just call the Securex team. It is the best way to get all add-ons up and running in under ten minutes.

The app also plays a notable role in adding sensors.

It gives you a visual platform about the system components, their management, and their state.

The Remote

It has four buttons and is linked to the alarm panel in the same manner other sensors do.

You can also use the remote to arm or disarm the system. It is handy in that in case the alarm goes off and you are not able to pause it (if it is an accidental trip), then someone in your home can silence it.

It is also tiny, functional, and make sure you don’t lose it because just like other remotes, it has a habit of slipping away.

Magnetic Contact

The package only has a single magnetic contact. We wish they were at least two for two doors or a door and a window.

Nevertheless, it is very to attach because the box has some stickers for them. Just find the best position for them, attach the stickers and then mount them on the picked location.

The guide has specific instructions about how close they should be, so if there is some kind of separation, you would be alerted of the intrusion either via a notification on your smartphone, or a loud noise from the panel if you are indoors.

Motion Detector

Where would you install it? Well, maybe at your backdoor or front door, but the latter is not the best location in case a lot of people visit you. Nevertheless, just make sure it is located in a position that can be used by an intruder to enter your premises.

And yes, it works as advertised.

Security Camera

We did not get one, unfortunately, so there is nothing that can be said about it.

It costs Ksh. 7750.


The presentation of Rafiki by Securex is as appealing as they come. It executes its functions as advertised, and we are particularly impressed by its loud alarm sound. Trust us, it would scare a thief away – and isn’t that the whole point?

The package costs KES 7540, and you can order it from here.