How To Attract Potential Customers With B2B Lead Generation Agency?


Your business needs leads and sales. To do this, you need a solid lead generation strategy that can deliver those to you. It’s not that hard to do. But is it really that simple? Especially in the face of constant competition and changing technologies.

Cold calling is no longer effective.  Neither is sending the same letters throughout the database. In addition, B2B sales lead generation is not at all the same as in the consumer segment, so figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be difficult the first time.

That is why this article presents strategies that will help you establish an effective lead generation process if you are working in the B2B field.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best business-to-business lead generation strategies for creating a strong bond between brand and customer. People are forced to check their email every day at their workplace, so they are much more likely to see your email and read its contents than ordinary users.

But we have to admit that email marketing has changed too. While traditional e-mail can still work in some cases, an approach that leaves out the recipient company’s content is like a bone in the throat for many  organisations. Needless to say, they react to such letters extremely sluggish, if there is a reaction at all.

Only personalization can save the day: 60% of B2B brands say personalized communication is the key to success.

Personalized emails are like talking to a friend who knows their preferences and needs at a good level.

The more personalized your emails are, the higher the chance that the recipient will convert. You send a personalized message that instantly grabs the audience’s attention, and then you add links to relevant landing pages. It doesn’t make sense to direct your entire audience to the same landing page, so email segmentation can ensure that relevant traffic arrives on a specific landing page. This will improve engagement rates and increase conversion rates.

Technologies do not stand still, and  nowadays you can easily automate your marketing without losing the quality of database segmentation and personalization of emails. You can connect CRM (customer relationship management) system to email marketing tools to use the customer data you have for highly effective personalization.

By contacting the best b2b lead generation agency Belkins you can:

  • systematize the flow of leads/applications
  • track each position;
  • receive notification about each application by email and SMS;
  • connect additional accounts;
  • export data.

Outsource The B2B Lead Generation Process

You don’t have to run a big marketing campaign to get an influx of B2B sales leads. It will be much easier and faster to contact the Belkins team of professionals.

Our top specialists have tremendous sales experience and use all the necessary tools to find the most suitable potential customers. When selecting leads, we take into account the specifics of your business and your industry.

Cooperation with us allows not only to update the client base but to also get a lot of valuable advice. At Belkins, we  provide you with lead guidance and business facilitation techniques. Thanks to a personalized approach to each client, you get the best result that you would not have achieved with regular advertising. In addition, we use proven email marketing techniques to encourage potential customers to buy the product or service.

Profound Analytical Insights into B2B online lead generation

Video marketing for your b2b sales lead generation acquisition strategy

More than 50% of consumers prefer video to other forms of content, so it’s no surprise that 2020 will bring more and more opportunities for marketers in this direction.

Here are some ways to use video marketing:

  • Create a video about your product and post it on your landing page. Marketers who use video in their campaigns can increase their conversion rates by 34%.
  • Create a video blog and actively use it to generate leads, it can be both funny viral videos and a serious corporate channel. It all depends on the type of your business
  • Email videos and drive leads to landing pages.
  • Include CTAs and links to event previews in your videos. Encourage clicks to the site and registration for events with some kind of bonus.

Live demo

If you want people to be interested in your product and consider buying and using it, then it can be useful for you to show them your product in action. The way you do this depends a lot on your business, but there is always a way.

  • If you are a SaaS, you should create high-quality demos that showcase your product’s features. Announce demos to give users a clear understanding of how exactly your products work.
  • If you are selling a physical product, you should make a video that explains what it is and why people need it.
  • If you are selling a simpler e-commerce product, showing some high-quality photos of your product may be sufficient.

Promote customer referrals

As a small business, you can attract leads by partnering with other small businesses. An easy way to facilitate this is through referral partnerships. It is beneficial to offer your existing customers discounts/coupons when they reach out to a new potential customer.

Only by experimenting can you truly learn what works and what doesn’t, and by knowing this, you can more effectively use your time and budget to get a higher return on your investment and improve your B2B  lead generation  results in general.

Get leads from paid ads

To show up at the top of Google, you can do two things (the best sites usually do both):

  • create high-quality content that has received high-quality backlinks and is at the top of the search results or pay for contextual advertising.
  • Search engine ads will help you rank in the TOP, but they are not cheap. Hence, if you pay for ads, then you need to promote the best content – both in the ad content and on your home page or landing page.

Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Online Lead Generation

Analyze the competition in your industry

Understanding what works and what doesn’t for your competitors allows you to get rid of some of the growth challenges they have experienced. Learn as much as you can from your competitors.

However, just because they can’t get it right doesn’t mean you can’t  either. Learn from their mistakes and identify areas for improvement.

Determine what you will create

Then it’s time to decide what type of content you will be creating. How will you best reach your target audience? You will need content every step of the buying journey. What type will it be?

How many blog posts, popular publications, ebooks, case studies, and more do you need to answer and develop your goal every step of the way?

Create a content calendar

A content calendar is just what it sounds like, it is the calendar by which you schedule content to be created and published.

If you want to create something twice every week, write blog posts and publish them on Tuesday and Thursday of the next week, put that all into your calendar.

If you want to create a downloadable offer every month, note the time when you create it and the date when you publish it on your calendar.

The single most effective indicator of content marketing success is having an editorial content calendar based on customer-focused keyword research. Instant creation and promotion of content are not only naive but also risky to profit. A campaign/content calendar is a fundamental part of an effective digital marketing campaign.

Use email checker software

The days when you simply couldn’t have any idea whether your newsletter is delivered to and viewed by the recipient are gone. Specialized email spam checker software can help you track the email opening rate, build your own statistics, and adjust your newsletter due to the efficiency of particular approaches. A timely employment of a spam checker tool will help you avoid getting into the spam inbox, boosting the results of your efforts. That’s why you should choose the best tech in the market.

Create a free offer

A great way to speed up the process of moving forward is to offer users a free trial or discounts on your products.

This is a truly outstanding way to not only generate leads but also give yourself an incredible opportunity to turn those leads into customers by getting them to try out your offer or even make an instant purchase.

You can use free trials and discounts to attract leads by centering these deals on your landing page or placing them in a stylish pop-up window.

When it comes to lead generation, it is very important to show what your product is, how much value it provides, and what problems it solves.

Social Media Marketing

Constant engagement on social media is the best source of new business leads. Social media provides several opportunities for small businesses to connect with potential customers. You can find leads on Twitter by pinning a related Pinterest post, maybe you can add awesome images to your tweets, including hashtags in your content.

You can also sell using LinkedIn as this is the leading business-focused platform. This will help your business attract new customers.

B2B Sales Lead: Conclusion

The more B2B sales lead you generate, the more sales and earnings you will make. The number of potential customers and your level of income is directly connected. Therefore, lead generation is critical for the success of any enterprise.

B2B marketing is unique in that you have to promote your companies through other people, rather than directly, as is the case in the consumer segment. This makes the process more difficult and somewhat exhausting.

But not when you think of marketing as a big party. If you want everything to go as it should, you must:

  • actively use advanced email marketing techniques, personalize each sent message;
  • use free materials to arouse people’s curiosity about your brand, but close access to some of the valuable material;
  • not be trying to connect with everyone, but instead focus on a few key guests or social platforms.

If you want to increase Belkins’  –  B2B lead lists then make an appointment setting right now and the Belkins team will take care of your case.