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Top 4 Ways to Advertise With Custom Fitted Table Covers at Trade Shows

Advertising your business and brand image is extremely important at trade shows. In fact, the primary purpose of trade shows is to boost the exposure of your business. Unlike other marketing methods, personalized fitted table covers will help you to attract the attention of consumers easily. 

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Attractive table covers will not only increase brand awareness but also represent your business in such a way that will make your branding more memorable than your competitors. As visual images, logos, and colors are a few of the most effective ways to promote your business, custom printed fitted table covers will help you to achieve that. 

Apart from that, you can also showcase the visual information of your brand with attractive fitted table covers. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 ways to advertise your business with custom-fitted table covers. 

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Print the Logo

The primary thing consumers will notice about your personalized fitted table covers is your logo. If you want to achieve great visual results, make sure your logo is looking clear and clean on the right, left, and the front side of the table cover. 

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Remember that you’ll get a printing area of 6 feet by 2 feet on the table cover. However, if you go with large covers, you’ll get 8 feet by 2 feet area. 

Even if you’re focusing on building brand recognition for your brand as well as your business, it’s a great idea to add your business logo on promotional table covers. 

Domain Name

Once you attract the attention of people with personalized fitted table covers as well as a business logo, you should consider including your business’s domain name on the table cover. As per Allbusiness, the domain name adds credibility to your business and brand

Since you have 6 feet of vacant space, make sure the letter size cannot cross 3.5 inches. This way you can get marvelous visibility even from a distance. 

However, don’t use fonts that are uncomfortable to read. Consider using bold lettering so that people can easily notice your domain name. Additionally, don’t use thin lettering as people won’t be able to interpret your domain name from a distance. 

Color of the Table Cover

The background color is one of the most important factors of your fitted table covers. If you want to avoid color camouflaging issues, make sure you use a high contrasting color. 

Whether you choose a jet black or pure white color background, make sure that is relevant to the logo. Otherwise, the table cover will look too bright. 

Most logos are appropriate with black or white colors, but if you find any other relevant colors, you can use them without any worries. 


While branding your fitted table cover, it’s recommended to use the same color patterns throughout all of your marketing displays as well as branded signage. 

Showcasing the same branding color across all the marketing materials, social media platforms, and websites will help you to expand the brand recognition of your business. Additionally, your logo across multiple mediums will develop a great branded experience. 

Remember that the fitted table covers are one of the most important parts of your brand packaging that will ultimately improve the whole appearance of your business. 


These are the top 4 ways to advertise with custom-fitted table covers at trade shows. Remember that fitted table covers are great at promoting anything. However, they are extra effective at promoting your marketing efforts in real life. 

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