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Preventing Urological Diseases Through Diet and Physical Activity

by Intizar Ali
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Depending on your gender and your age, you are susceptible to several kinds of urological diseases- they might affect your kidney like kidney stones or your bladder through infections or an enlarged prostate. In kids, conditions such as hydronephrosis and infections and even common phenomena like bedwetting, which is not usually considered serious, rear their ugly heads time and again. In adults, the symptoms, if not diagnosed and taken care of, can result in serious life-threatening conditions. Once you already experience the symptoms, the obvious next step is to reach out to the doctor and get the requisite check-up done. However, these conditions are so common that it is prudent to take necessary steps well in advance to prevent them happening once and for all. In this article we will be looking at the diets and physical activities that can be resorted to manage and prevent urological diseases from happening in the first place. 

  • Take enough fluids and water should account for the highest amount of fluids you consume. Although there are several articles that suggest eight glasses of water a day, it really depends on your ambient conditions and the kind of foods that you consume- whether they are fluid rich or not. New research has suggested that no particular quantity of water is universal for every human. Therefore, watch out for thirst sensors in your throat that provide the right guidance on how much and when to drink
  • Research has shown that cranberry juice has enormous benefits when it comes to improving urological health especially in mitigating the risks of urinary infections and also improves the hydration levels in the body. 
  • Consuming common salt or sodium more than its daily recommended intake, is dangerous for your urological health
  • Physical activity is a must. Working out at the gym, walking, pilates whatever floats your boat must be done. This shakes off extra weight from the body dropping your risks of contracting urological diseases significantly
  • Smoking has shown to be directly correlated to erectile dysfunction in several research studies and it does not stop there- it is related to kidney and bladder cancer as well. Quit the habit to enjoy a better-quality life.  
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine as they are diuretic and irritate the bladder. In fact they even alter the ability of the bladder to send signals to the brain on whether it is full or void. Excessive drinking may lead to an overactive bladder which may further make the area prone to infections.
  • Urological diseases can also be managed effectively through Yoga, pilates and kegel exercises. The trick is to locate the muscle known as bulbocavernosus muscle and try to strengthen it through controlled motion- clenching and relaxing alternatively. This strengthens the muscle overtime. 

Urological illnesses frequently show in a severe manner that may or may not be treatable with standard methods. Treatment prices for some of these conditions may skyrocket if your health insurance does not cover them enough; in that case, you can look into some of the disease-related clinical trials being undertaken in your area. There are a number of reputable websites where you may get the information you need. You can decide whether or not you wish to commit to a trial after you have a thorough understanding of the process and treatment alternatives. The trials are administered by a South Florida Urologist Specialist, and the treatment is provided at no cost to you. Other treatment choices range from as simple as taking antibiotics to as complex as chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Gousse Urology Brickell, a leading institution with multiple sites in Florida, has over a quarter-century of experience treating urological disorders and also offers appealing treatment options. While the treatment choices stated above are extremely advanced, ranging from clinical trials to advanced state-of-the-art treatments, it is worth attempting to adopt a healthier lifestyle to not only reduce your risk of developing cancer but also to improve your quality of life. For additional information about how urologists can help you with preventing urology diseases, this article can help you.

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