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What enhancements will appear in smart TVs with Android 12 TV

by Joseph Richard
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The new version of Android is already causing serious interest and has been one of Google’s main priorities for several months. Developers are in the final stages of testing before launching real updates in September. Smartphones will not be the only devices that will be able to take advantage of the innovations of Android 12.

Some new features and software optimizations will be available for smart TVs. Google engineers are already actively testing Android TV 12 Beta. TV owners will get access to one of the biggest updates to date.

The first major improvement is support for the so-called “4K UI Rendering”. Android TV now offers the ability to not only watch 4K videos, but also display the interface in the same resolution. Previous versions limited UI elements to 1080p, which were then scaled to 4K.

This new feature ensures that animations, home screen interface, and menus are displayed in more realistic and rich colors. Android TV 12 also includes the ability to dynamically change the frame rate. Individual apps will be able to adapt to this setting to make the content look optimal on the TV.

The operating system will automatically switch between different refresh rates. Another innovation that awaits us is the so-called “Tunnel Mode”, which will make it easier for developers to provide the same experience on all devices with Android TV 12.

Users will be able to easily stop and block access to the microphone or camera, which will provide greater security. Google is also developing a new emulator that will allow developers to prepare their apps for higher resolution in Android TV 12.

An update for compatible devices will be available in the fall.

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