HarmonyOS 2 can now run on multiple models of Honor smartphones


HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei’s mobile operating system developed in an emergency following sanctions against the company preventing it from using Google services, continues its expansion and arrives in full version on several Honor phones.

Like the following Huawei smartphones that will run on HarmonyOS, several old Honor models are taking the same direction and will soon say goodbye to Android.

For the first time, phones other than Huawei’s that run on the Android operating system can benefit from this upgrade to HarmonyOS. But changing the operating system is not an insignificant thing.

Especially since, unlike Huawei devices, several of these Honor phones do have access to Google services (Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps). Installing the new OS will remove these services, a dilemma that the user will have to consider.

Affected phones include the Honor 20 series and the Honor View 20. They are currently running Android since they were launched before the ban on Huawei and before HarmonyOS was unveiled.

Of the honour phones added, most are reserved for the Chinese market. The list adds the Honor 30 Pro series, honor 20, honor play four pro, honor magic2, honor view 30, glory 30 and honor view 20.

How many phones will be affected?

The upgrade to the official version of HarmonyOS 2 has been launched for 32 Huawei models. 10 Honor smartphones now complement it. It should be noted that all of the affected phones were marketed before the sale of Honor by Huawei.

People who have an Honor flagship from recent years have the opportunity to know if the update is available by accessing the “Settings” app and then the “About phone” menu.

The rollout of HarmonyOS 2.0 on Honor phones seems to be going on gradually, starting with China. Upcoming flagships, such as the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro, also carry HarmonyOS.