Google Maps finally adopts dark mode for iOS devices


Applications are assuming dark mode. Do you think it’s a thing for the past Well, no? Maybe not. But the fact remains that people who take the road at night or have an iPhone with OLED screen will be delighted to learn that Google Maps can finally adorn itself with black.

Already available since the beginning of the year on its Android equivalent, Google Maps has finally received its dark mode on iOS and iPadOS.

Available since yesterday, the latest version of Google Maps for iOS allows it to adapt to the display scheme selected by the user automatically. If the transparent mode is chosen, nothing changes. But if the dark way is on, Google Maps will tune in and display dark hues, less aggressive to the eye.

Google Maps also offers the possibility to manually change mode through its settings and check the dark way yourself.

In addition to this good news, Google Maps for iOS now allows you to share your location in real-time via iMessage. Finally, Google introduces two new widgets that can be added to the home screen with its latest version. The first displays the traffic conditions around the user, and the second is summarized in a search bar that allows you to find a place quickly.