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How to Set Up and Use Your Facebook Portal TV for Video Chats.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, video chatting has grown increasingly popular. As limitations on physical gatherings were established to curb the coronavirus, social separation and isolation became the norm in the aftermath of the pandemic.

We were able to observe and engage with the individuals that mattered to us thanks to video technology. While the world is slowly returning to normality, video conversations are here to stay, with individuals continuing to spend time on video calls with their loved ones.

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We’ll show you how to set up and utilize a Facebook Portal TV for video chats with family and friends in this article…

Why would you want to video chat on your television?

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Smartphones are unquestionably the most popular video chat devices. They are easy and convenient to transport due to their portability. However, there are several circumstances where video conferencing on a smartphone falls short.

When you’re video chatting on your phone, you’re probably holding it in your hand.

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The proximity of the phone’s camera to your face is unflattering because it makes your face appear larger.

While video conferencing, holding your phone or tablet for an extended period is also a concern. You’ll most likely become weary within a few minutes.

Do you have a conference call going on? Your phone’s screen is possibly too small, making the call’s participants appear too small.

What Is the Facebook Portal TV?

Portal TV is a clever Facebook product that lets you make TV-based video chats from the comfort of your own home. If your friends and family don’t have a Portal TV, you can video chat with them using WhatsApp or Messenger on their smartphones and tablets.

The Portal TV includes a built-in smart sound system that projects your voice and minimizes background noise for better audio clarity during calls.

While you can have personal one-on-one chats with close friends and family, Messenger Rooms allow you to talk with up to 50 people at once.

On the Portal TV, calls are vibrant, with the camera rotating and zooming automatically to create on-screen movement. It also automatically adjusts the camera to keep everyone in the frame.

On Portal TV, privacy is a top priority. You don’t want to use the camera or microphone? You can turn off either or both of them. To avoid unauthorized access, all calls are encrypted.

Depending on your subscription type, Portal TV provides you with various services.

How to Make Video Calls on the Facebook Portal TV

It is necessary to have a Facebook or WhatsApp account to use Portal TV. If you don’t already have one, you can create one on Facebook or sign up for WhatsApp using your phone number.

Plugging In Your Portal TV

  • Connect the power adapter and HDMI cable, then connect the power adapter to a power source. Your television will be turned on.
  • Connect your TV to the HDMI cable. For the greatest results, use HDMI1.
  • After turning on your television, select the input.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Portal TV

  • Place your Portal TV on a flat surface near your TV, either on top of it or underneath it.
  • Place your Portal TV away from any speakers or soundbars.
  • Dolby Atmos sound is included with your Portal TV. It requires Dolby Atmos-encoded streaming video as well as a suitable audio system to work properly.

Installing Your Portal TV on Top of Your Existing TV

There are two clips on your Portal TV.

  • Open both the large and tiny clips.
  • Place the front clip of your Portal TV against the front of your television with care.
  • Press the rear clip of your Portal TV against the back of your TV frame and the front clip on the front of your TV frame at the same time.
  • For a tight grip, press the back clip of your Portal TV on the back of your TV.

Getting Your Remote to Work

  • Remove the rear of your remote’s plastic battery tab.
  • On the middle button, press Select. To finish the setup, follow the on-screen directions.

Selecting Your Language and Connecting to Wi-Fi

After you’ve plugged up your Portal TV as directed above, start the setup process by following the on-screen directions below.

  • Select your desired language from the Language drop-down menu.
  • Next should be tapped.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password after selecting your favorite Wi-Fi network.
  • Join > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next > Next

If your Portal TV’s software isn’t up to date, you’ll need to download the most recent version. To complete the configuration, you may need to restart your Portal TV.

Selecting a Name for Your Portal TV and Using Facebook or WhatsApp to Log In

You can choose one of the options on the menu or proceed to give your Portal TV a unique name. To give your character a unique name, tap Custom.

You’ll be asked to log in using your Facebook or WhatsApp account. Tap Next after selecting one of them. Connect your Facebook or WhatsApp account by following the instructions.

Once you’ve connected your Portal TV to your Facebook or WhatsApp account, it’s ready to use. Several functions are available, like adding favorite contacts, linking Alexa to your Portal TV, showing Facebook images, and video chatting with people you know.

Here’s how to utilize voice commands on your Portal to make, answer, and hang up calls.

Say “Hey Portal, call (insert contact’s name)” to make a call.

Say “Hey Portal, answer” to answer a call.

Say “Hey Portal, hang up” to hang a call.

Connecting on the Big Screen to Strengthen Relationships

Even if they are far away, video chatting with family and friends on the large screen can make you feel closer to them. You can see their expressions and faces as if they were standing right in front of you.

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