Realme has publicly revealed its MagDart magnetic chargers, stirred by Apple’s MagSafe


The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories, including induction charging block with a power of 50 W.

It was understood that Apple’s MagSafe system was going to be taken over by other manufacturers. Realme sticks to it with the presentation of MagDart, its induction charging device accompanied by magnets.

A 50W induction charger for charging in less than an hour

The brand offers a roller charger offering a 15 W recharge, all by induction. The product is very similar to Apple’s. Still, Realme says its accessory is 26% thinner and faster than the US manufacturer’s, with the ability to charge a smartphone with a 4,500 mAh battery in 90 minutes.

Even more surprisingly, Realme also offers the MagDart 50 W charger, which, as the name suggests, offers impressive charging power for an induction roller. The accessory, very massive, even incorporates a fan to cool it during heating.

The MagDart 50 W can recharge a 4,500 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in just 54 minutes, a speed almost as fast as with the power adapter offered by the manufacturer.

A complete range, but unusable at the moment

No phone of the brand is compatible with these accessories, apart from the Realme GT equipped with a unique MagDart cover.

Realme also offers other accessories such as an external magnetic battery, almost identical to Apple’s, except that it can also act as a docking station thanks to the included desktop support and a MagDart cardholder that can accommodate up to three credit cards and has afoot to put the phone on a table.

We finally find the MagDart Pro Light, an accessory for selfie lovers. Glued to the smartphone, it is equipped with 60 mini-LEDs that allow the user to obtain more fabulous lighting and thus improve his portraits.

For the moment, Realme has not given any indication of the launch date or prices of these different accessories. We will probably have to wait for the presentation of the first smartphones integrating the MagDart magnet system to learn more about it.