We now know the price, specs and launch date of the Google Pixel 5a


Honestly, even before the energetically anticipated Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, a Pixel Phone of the privileged will before long be dispatched. Around the Pixel 5a, it has become somewhat tranquil of late, yet presently a leaker is back with detailed data about the new midrange pixel of the year 2021, which should probably not play a role for us.

At Google, everything is ready for the Pixel 6 dispatch in the fall. Yet, essentially in the USA and Japan, there should still be the Pixel 5a, which has effectively been pronounced dead and afterwards affirmed by Google – however, likely not here in Africa. Nonetheless, we don’t miss much in Kenya, since both the render pictures dependent on a CAD model, which have been spilt for quite a while, just as the presently coursed specs show, don’t peruse uniquely in contrast to what we know from the Pixel 5 (accessible here at Jumia retailer).

In the video Google Pixel 5a concept:

According to Leaker, the launch date will be August 26. The Pixel 5a will only be available in the Google online stores or the physical Google Store – so if you happen to be visiting New York, you can bring the Pixel 5a as a souvenir – for 450 US dollars(KSH 48,937), according to Prosser, the official retail price for the midrange Google Phone. With the same cameras as in the Pixel 5, IP67 certification and headphone jack, the Pixel 5a look like a mixture of Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G, making it the last cheap pixel of the year. The Pixel 6 duo is likely to be quite expensive.