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Digital Health startup BYON8 raises $1.5 M seed round to fuel its growth in Africa

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Byon8, a Swedish-based Digital Health startup has raised a 1.5 MUSD seed round to fuel its growth in Africa in a move that will see it put accessible and affordable healthcare into the hands of those that need it the most.

Byon8 says the round was led by  Danish early-stage technology investor People Ventures with continued participation from current investors Jellyfish Invest, as well as new investor T&W Holding.

“Having People Ventures lead our Seed round is a great recognition of the work we have done so far and of the continued growth and momentum we are experiencing” said Josef Murad, MD, CEO and Co-Founder of BYON8. “This capital will be used to fuel our growth in emerging markets starting with Kenya.”

BYON8 has developed a medical diagnostic software intended to improve people’s lives by building a foundation for the next generation of health care. The company’s software utilizes mathematical algorithms and medical artificial intelligence to transform patient data into calculated diagnosis propositions, thereby improving the healthcare process and customer experience regardless of their economic wealth.

  • For people in emerging markets where access to healthcare is a challenge, using the BYON8 app on their mobile device means that they will be far better connected to medical advice and treatment when they need it.
  • For medical professionals in emerging markets signing up for the BYON8 platforms means that they will be able to help more people, who would otherwise find it hard if not impossible to get medical advice and treatment when they need it.
  • All users have access to the BYON8 platforms that offer a rule-based diagnostic engine based on more than 3,5B patient cases and more than 100.000 rules. BYON8 is centered around two core offerings; First, a free symptom checker that allows users to enter their symptoms and understand what might be causing them. Second, the opportunity to schedule appointments with licensed MDs and get in touch through video or built-in chat.

“With 4 bn people living around the world without access to basic healthcare, there is an incredible opportunity for a product like BYON8 to improve access to healthcare,” said Claus Zibrandtsen, Managing Partner at People Ventures. “We are incredibly excited to partner with BYON8 and support them on their mission to make healthcare a right, not a privilege”.

BYON8 Digital Health app aims to increase users access to high-quality doctors directly from the mobile phone. The company intends to fuel its growth through close and synergistic collaboration with strategic partners within, and in the periphery of, the healthcare ecosystem.

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