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Here are the best five smartphones that blew us away from this first part of 2021

by Joseph Richard
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Since the beginning of the year, we have seen both mightier and upcoming smartphone brands that have presented smartphones of various kinds(Models) under different price segments. To help you choose a better smartphone for the Past mid-year(2021).TechMoran has compiled five smartphones that have particularly pleased us so far in 2021.

Fifth Position realme GT 5G: Awsome performance at a cheaper budget

Realme is becoming a very, very important player in the smartphone industry. Ultra popular in India, in particular, the brand is making an unprecedented breakthrough in Africa thanks to the many products that the brand has.

The realme GT 5Gb is the most recent release from this Manufacturer. Mind you, for less than Ksh 50,000. You will find a smartphone with the best chip right now in the market (Snapdragon 888) that equally supports 5G.In addition, you will also discover an attractive AMOLED display of 120 Hz. By the way, if you prefer a smartphone with a modest camera,64 MP will serve you well here.

Talking of autonomy, The smartphone is equipped with a 4,500 mAh that can be fully recharged within 35 minutes. Let’s add the battery-saving! – from a jack socket, and we get nothing less than one of the most impressive smartphones of 2021

Fourth Position: Asus Zenfone 8: The Perfect Game Changer

Asus shows us its goodwill by constantly coming up with exciting gaming gadgets, for example, the ROG smartphone. However, with its most recent killer smartphone, The brand is changing its habits faster by manufacturing a compact smartphone to enter most markets worldwide.

The smartphone under these sub-topic features a 120 HZ AMOLED display as it is 6.8 cm wide and 15 cm high. Execution-wise, The zenfone is still competing with the high-end segment phones. Here you will also discover 888 chipsets and can mount up to 16 GB of RAM. Its 4,000 mAh battery may be a little to hold more than a whole day, but it’s natural for a phone of this size.

Third Position-Poco F3: Wise Move

POCO F3 smartphone combines elegant design, explosive performance, excellent autonomy, and (almost) perfect screen. On the paperless well-endowed performance side (we are here on a Snapdragon 870), it remains well enough to propel any application or any game available on Android. Finally, if it is undoubtedly not the most comfortable phone in photography, it suits even better than those on the fourth and fifth Position, given that it sticks on the wide-angle sensor.

The only disadvantage is that  the MIUI interface is still so loaded with preinstalled applications, but the advantage of it is that  all of them can be removed without difficulty

 Second Position- OnePlus 9 Pro

The change in the OnePlus idea does not satisfy everyone. Before diving into the same pool, the company had initially posed as an attractive alternative to Samsung, Apple, LG, and others.

Now that the Manufacturer entered into a partnership with Hasselblad, the brand has always been on its toes when it comes to producing smartphones that perform decently in all areas. Surely One Plus 9 pro can not be forgotten here, Especially the photography part.

Compatible with QHD+ and 120 Hz, its screen is a real treat to use daily. To top it off, it also meets IP68 (waterproof) certification and can be recharged wirelessly up to 50 W.

First Position- Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: The smartphone that beats everyone down

The Mi 11 Ultra is not the highest-rated phone in our columns. In question, an autonomy a hair weakens for a phone sold at Ksh 156,999. The fact is that with its ultra-high-end smartphone, Xiaomi has dared something different. True, fashion is at the photophone. But how many bother to revolutionize the practice of smartphone photography? The Mi 11 Ultra does not stop at anything. Equipped with all the latest technologies, it also boasts the largest photo sensor on the market (1/1.12″, 50 megapixels, 2.8 µm photosites). Secondary and tertiary sensors are not left out, and all display 50 megapixels.

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