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Best Hack to Track Android Phone from iPhone Free

Life challenges are unpredictable; no matter how careful you are about your things, you sometimes unexpectedly have to deal with some truly annoying situations when you lose something precious.

Such as your “PHONE,” you often do less care about it, but when you lose it, you shout with panic. But early preparation can get things under your control. If I were in your place, I would search for the best possible hack to find my iPhone Android smartphone respectively.

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If you don’t want your devices ever to get lost, there are lots of great software and tools available online to provide you relief. All you need to do is, install them into both devices and get rid of worries. However, this is certainly easy when you have a smartphone with a similar operating system but most people have an android and iPhone, which is the ultimate stressor.

Lack of compatibility between Android and iPhone really sucks – but luckily, I have found a brilliant way that always helps me to track my android phone from iPhone free whenever I lost it.

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If you are also curious to know that brilliant method that worked for me to track my android phone using iPhone, with the help of which I no more encounter challenges to find my iPhone or android respectively, because I’ve both, get your eyes on this article.

Here’s The Best Hack to Track Android Phone from iPhone Free

Losing or getting your phone stolen by someone is one of the most disastrous and heart-breaking consequences since you had lots of precious items stored inside that gadget.

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You had personal images, chats, and messages stored inside your lost phone that you fear not to get exposed to others. Hence, you must never stop searching for the best method to ‘track my android phone’ on such an occasion. Because once your phone is reached to the wrong hands, you’ll have no other way to get your life back.

Luckily there is a one-stop solution – FamiSafe – that will surely provide you the best way out of these dire times. Using FamiSafe, I often find my iPhone/ android whenever I lost them and recommend you to find android devices using FamiSafe only if you have an iPhone as a helping device to locate your lost phone.

FamiSafe is one of the best mobile location tracker apps that are famous for its multi-purpose features. The app seamlessly works on any device beyond the bounds of operating systems.

Whether the device is running on Android or iOS, the app supports a cross-platform feature, which means you can track any smartphone from any operating system. So next, we will discuss how to track the iPhone from Android using FamiSafe.

Step By Step Process: How To Find A Phone Using Famisafe?

Let’s hit early preparation to find the android device on few simple clicks in bad times. Here is the step-by-step process of locating a phone using FamiSafe.

  1. Install the app Famisafe app from Apple App Store (iPhone Users) and Google Play Store (Android Users)
  2. Register yourself at the Famisafe app for free (on both Android and iOS devices)
  3. Select Parent’s and Kid’s devices
  4. Connect and track all devices from a single window

To see the location of your Android Device from iPhone

  1. First, complete the overall configuration process of the Famisafe app
  2. Select targeted Android devices and receive location reports of the respective devices right in your iPhone
  3. Make sure the sharing permission is granted by the “targeted devices.” to avoid hassles
  4. You can now start tracking your targeted device’s location on a real-time map

Next time, if someone asks you how to locate the android phone, make sure you advise them for Famisafe. It is an easy and convenient way to track a phone. There’s no need to urge Google to find my phone android because you can now prepare yourself with a robust solution.

Every person having multiple smartphones rather than one, each with a different operating system and different prices and value tags, must start using the FamiSafe app.

You can also keep track record of activities of the targeted or lost devices if you have installed this app in them. Thus, not just tracking, if someone is using your smartphone and conducting any mischievous activities on it, you’ll get the information regarding the same right on your screen.

The app is equipped with lots of great features, ensuring you could get most of your expectations from FamiSafe. Principally, it is a parental control app, but above all, it works as the best mobile locator.


How To Track Smartphones On Different Operating Systems?

Most people want to know how to track iPhones from Android because of different operating systems. But Famisafe – one of the best cross-platform mobile location tracker apps is the best answer. Within a matter of few seconds, you can locate where your android phone is via your iPhone device.

What Is The Best Mobile Location Tracker App?

Famisafe is unarguably one of the best mobile tracker apps because it is an all-in-one solution to track down your phone whenever a bad situation kicks in. Suppose if you use two phones, and unknowingly you leave it somewhere. If you have the FamiSafe app pre-installed on your lost device, you can find it readily with the help of the Famisafe app installed on another device.

Is Famisafe Reliable?

Yes, the FamiSafe app is reliable. The app has millions of installs on app stores with the highest positive ratings than any other mobile tracker app. This cross-platform app is quite popular among parents and community members since it creates a connected and protected environment for all.

What Features Do I Receive In Famisafe App?

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