Would OnePlus be teasing a folding smartphone?


Calculator, OnePlus. Every day at his disposal to present us his first folding smartphone, he chooses explicitly the one during which Samsung must give its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip

On the company’s American Twitter account, OnePlus published a short video teaser illustrating what appears to be a folding smartphone. The video is accompanied by a date and time: August 11 at 5 p.m. Kenyan time. Either the time when Samsung will start its Unpacked event.

There is no doubt that most big smartphone manufacturers will not join the folding phone train—a sector that Samsung still has. However, the appearance of the product is illustrated in the video questions. Squinting, one mostly gets the impression that these are two identical phones linked by a kind of hinge. But by no means a “full” and whole screen.

In addition, The Next Web legitimately wonders why such a huge announcement as the launch of a folding phone would be teased only on the brand’s American Twitter account and not international.

An optional second screen

Perhaps OnePlus would opt for an approach worthy of the Microsoft Surface Duo, with two separated screens and usable independently. But there also remains the possibility that it is only an accessory intended to improve the multitasking capabilities of an existing smartphone.

We think in particular of the case of LG, or the Asus ROG TwinView, available to offer a second screen to ROG Phone. But the mystery thickens when we notice that each “part” of the phone has… a USB-C port, visible in the reflection of the surface where the smartphone is placed.

In short: OnePlus is having fun, a fortiori on such an important day for its competitor Samsung. The truth is that we do not have the slightest idea of what is simmering the manufacturer, which could just as well reveal to us a banal smartphone more, a few weeks after the release of the OnePlus Nord 2