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Pixel 6: a 50 Mp sensor showed by the Google Camera app?

by Joseph Richard
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Pixel 6

It is now twenty days since information about the Google Pixel 6 smartphones was revealed to the web. At the moment, the Google camera Application is suggesting some new hints.

We are back at the same start again. Currently, the  Google camera app has been peeled again, and new information about the APN of the Pixel 6 is in the run on social media.

A Samsung sensor, a leak, coincidence?

Lately, the words “Samsung” and “leak” seem to have married each happily ever after. The Conference that we saw a few days ago from Samsung was no surprise to us since we had known many things by the time they were making their products public. Another surprise reaching our doors here is that Samsung would be the big name behind the designing and manufacturing of the Tensor sensor in the Pixel smartphones.

This information is unofficial, but that has been spotted in the latest version of the Google Camera application. A member of the Android community named Cstark27 would have searched in the APK of this application to find a code mentioning “P21” or the internal shortcuts of Google to call the smartphones planned for autumn 2021 case the Pixel 6.

Along these shortcuts is also the code “GN1”, used to name a Samsung camera sensor model, unveiled in May 2020. Therefore, the association of the two suggests that the camera of the future Pixel 6 would be none other than Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1, a 50 Mp sensor with dual pixel autofocus. This technology is used on SLR cameras and would be a considerable improvement for the Pixel range, already praised for its performance in photos.

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