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The top five apps to improve your poker game

by James Musoba
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The internet has made countless changes to our lives, in terms of giving us new ways to interact, better access to information, and placing more varied forms of entertainment and recreation at our disposal. The rise of online poker is a case in point.  

 In the days before the world wide web, gaining access to a poker game was no easy matter. Sure, there were poker clubs, but few beginners would feel comfortable about walking into one cold and sitting down for a game. Today, resources like Legal US Poker Sites list dozens of online platforms that cater to players of all abilities. There are also scores of online apps that help you get more from your game. Here are some of our favorites. 


If you’re only going to have one poker app on your phone, make it this one. The official WSOP app is created by the people at EA Sport, so the gameplay and user interface are absolutely top notch. It provides a perfect introduction to the basic dynamics of a multiplayer set up, so if you’re graduating from video poker and three card poker, it’s the ideal next step. It’s also a fun way for more experienced players to stay sharp and win a few virtual bracelets – and all without putting any real money on the line.  

TOK Learn Poker  

TOK has brought thousands of newcomers into the wonderful world of poker. It’s like your own virtual tutor, and will take beginners on a journey from first principles to more advanced strategy tips. The quizzes are great to confirm your understanding, and will even give seasoned players something to think about.  

Poker Income Tracker  

It’s a data-driven world, and this app will keep track of so much more than just your winnings. It also keeps on top of where and when you play, for how long, how much you stake, your individual and tournament results and more beside. It allows you to analyze every aspect of your game, right down to such things as whether you perform better at certain times of the day or on specific days of the week. You will wonder how you ever managed to play without it.   

Tournament Cruncher  

A more specialist tool, this one, but no less valuable, Tournament Cruncher will calculate your chipstake during tournament play, so you understand the true value of every player’s chips based on the prize pool and the state of play. It gives you the full picture to aid decision making, especially in the late stages of a tournament.  

Poker News  

When you take a break from playing poker, why not read about it instead? Poker News is a great source of information about what’s happening in the pro poker world. There’s up to the minute tournament coverage as well as a wealth of articles, interviews, podcasts and more. There’s also a lively forum where you can exchange views, as well as some friendly banter, with like-minded poker enthusiasts.   





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