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Microsoft updates all its Office applications for Samsung’s new phones

by Joseph Richard
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The partnership between Microsoft and the Korean Tech Giant has seen new and revamped Microsoft Teams, Office and outlook for the foldable smartphones recently introduced by Samsung. These are the Galax z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z fold 3.

Microsoft wants to exploit the design of foldable Smartphones

As the name proposes, the Galaxy Flip 3 is a flip smartphone with two foldable screens, while the Fold 3 appears like a book. Enough to bring up ergonomics issues on usefulness applications like Office. Rapidly, Microsoft and Samsung disclosed explicit updates for foldable cell phones.

To start with, the team video conferencing Software exploits two helpful new components. It is achievable to display the appearance in full screen on the unfolded top portion of the phone and see the members’ faces in the lower part. Likewise, it is currently simpler to cause the whiteboard to show up during a group call to take notes (because of the S Pen).

The Outlook interface is marginally updated to be more like what is found on Windows 10. The email application has another dual-pane mode that permits you to peruse one email and see others on the opposite side.

Performing various tasks at Once

As Patrick Chomet, head of mobile products and experiences at Samsung, brings up, performing various tasks permits you to run numerous applications simultaneously. Samsung and Microsoft have teamed up to bring and foster this new experience on these applications, particularly in Microsoft Office.

Likewise, the Multitasking of Tasks in the office Pack has enormously improved mentioning particularly that Samsung phones presently support drag and drop. Solidly, you can now effectively move a table designed with Excel in a PowerPoint presentation. At long last, Microsoft indicates that it is presently conceivable to launch two occurrences of a similar application at Once.

The blog post distributed by Microsoft doesn’t indicate what elements are available on the Galaxy Fold 3 and which ones work on the Galaxy Flip 3. Since the Galaxy Flip 3 isn’t viable with the S Pen, it is conceivable that a few elements in Teams allow drawing in the whiteboard are not upheld.

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