South Africa’s Orderin relaunches as delivery-as-a-service platform


Orderin, South Africa’s first food delivery app, has relaunched as a B2B delivery-as-a-service platform to help other companies in the country bring delivery capabilities.

In 2013, the startup, which was founded in 2012, launched its online food ordering platform. It launched its on-demand fast food delivery app in 2015, making it the first in South Africa to do so.

Orderin’s consumer business, however, was officially shut down in 2020.Following successful projects assisting other businesses in developing their own delivery services, the brand has now relaunched as a B2B service.

This new direction entails providing end-to-end solutions to retail companies, including the software required to build the service and delivery fulfillment.Orderin intends to expand into new e-commerce categories such as food and beverages, wholesale, and pharmaceutical.

OrderIn has appointed Thembani Biyam as CEO to lead the company in this new direction.

“While South Africa saw massive e-commerce growth through the course of 2020, it’s still a ‘winner-takes-most’ environment. As the first company to have introduced on-demand delivery locally, we wanted to change that and empower businesses across a variety of industries, by providing them with industry-leading solutions that create best-in-class online retail experiences for their customers,” said Biyam.

 “With these offerings, we’ve ensured that retailers are able to fully leverage the entire stack or integrate it into their existing ecosystems. Our core infrastructure encompasses every possible element of delivery and fulfilment.”

The Orderin firm now provides customer-facing solutions as well as custom platforms for retailers to take their offerings online.

According to the startup, the driver management platform is AI-powered. This helps in order tracking and assignment.However, it also provides businesses with access to Orderin’s fleet of delivery drivers.