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8 Google Tips You Probably Didn’t Know.

by Yvone Kendi
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Most of us use Google every day to search the internet for millions of things – but did you know you’re probably not making the most of the search engine?

Chris Hladczuk, a Twitter user, has created a useful thread of eight Google tips that most people don’t already know, and they could help you search better and smarter.

“If used correctly, Google is the most powerful tool in the world,” he wrote. But the truth is that most people are terrible at it.

“Here are eight Googling tips that you most likely aren’t aware of.”

  • “Quotation markets”

Put quotes around search terms to make it easier to find the exact word you’re looking for.

Your terms will appear in all results.

As an example, consider the phrase “Pakistani dramas.”

Provides search results for all Pakistani dramas that do not include the words “Pakistani” or “drama.”

  • ~ Tilde

When you want synonyms to appear in the result, use tilde.

Dance classes are an example.

Here you only get dance classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

  • Dashes

Include a hyphen before the term you want to exclude from your search.

As an example, consider biryani-pulao.

You only want biryani and not pulao.

  • Site:

Use this to search only within a specific website.

Nawaz Sharif’s site is

This searches for mentions of Nawaz Sharif on the website (pknama dot com).

  • Location:

Locate information about a specific location.

Example: behari kebab location:karachi

  • .. Two Periods

To search within two number ranges, use two periods.

Example: movies 1978..2001

  • | Vertical bar

OR serves the same purpose.

Same purpose as OR. Example: Netflix | Hulu Netflix OR Hulu

  • Filetype:

Filter your results by a specific file type related to your search.

Example: warren buffet filetype:doc

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