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Top 7 reasons why your text message didn’t get delivered

by James Musoba
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The world is changing and technologies are changing along with it. Experts are driving breakthroughs and innovations that help businesses thrive and help people simplify their lives.

One thing remains unchanged and that is the popularity of SMS marketing. This type of promotion has long proven its effectiveness, therefore it is in incredible demand among businesses from all over the world.

Thanks to mailing lists, you inform potential customers about promotional offers, exclusive news, or other important events that may be of interest to them.

Thus, the company leads the person to its website, where it makes the sale. This method is the best because the person does not part with the phone, which means he will definitely read the advertising text.

If the user has not read your message, then you should quickly solve this problem and understand its causes, so as not to repeat the mistakes in the future.

Perhaps you sent an SMS at the wrong time and due to the busyness of the person, he could not read it. After a couple of hours, it was already lost among hundreds of other chats, and thus the client was lost.

Also, he simply might not be interested in the proposal that was formed, so here you need to analyze the text.

To avoid elementary mistakes, read our article and remember the main rules of a successful SMS campaign.

Using an unreliable SMS gateway

There is the main point that affects the success of promoting any business. SMS gateway is used to deliver messages to the addressee. It must be reliable because all results depend on it.

If the unreliable SMS gateway turns out to be ineffective, the text will be lost in cyberspace and will not reach the potential client.

Do not panic, because in the modern world there are many excellent gateways that will competently do the job. We recommend that you do your research and find the best option before starting. Do not choose the cheapest or the most expensive, but carefully analyze the results.

Testelium helps customers test SMS gateways and talks about all the details of their use. This will prevent the non-delivery of messages and make the start of the campaign a solemn moment.

Spam Surge

Now it is difficult to find a person who would not use a mobile phone or other gadgets. You yourself have probably come across the fact that you receive a lot of messages and calls from strangers who advertise unnecessary services.

Often, even notifications from applications are annoying and you want to turn off the sound on your smartphone right away. It is for this reason that a person may miss your message or leave it unanswered.

A tip to remember – only send the most important things. The user leaves contact information on the sites and does not want to be sent a lot of SMS messages that are not useful.

Clearly structure the advertising text, immediately talk about great offers and promotional products so as not to take away precious time from a person and increase the chances of selling the product and SMS deliverability.

They faced challenges with your business

All companies cannot be perfect, so they face unpleasant incidents. It happens that a person did not respond to your message because he used the services and did not like it.

Even worse, the user probably wrote a review to warn others, and then the trust in the business disappears altogether. And since there is huge competition in any industry, the client is likely to move to another firm.

There is a solution even in this situation. Contact the person and try to negotiate and help him solve the problem.

The message reached them at the wrong time

SMS sales campaigns assume that the text will be delivered to users from all over the world, and given the fact that we have different time zones, messages do not arrive at the same time. One client will receive an offer in the morning, a second in the middle of the night, and a third during a phone call. Thus, they simply remain unread if they came at the wrong moment.

Testelium helps to create a portrait of the target audience for the client’s businesses, thanks to which you can easily calculate the ideal time for mailing. Before launching a campaign, think over every detail in order to get excellent results at the end and work on them and develop in the future.

Not following SMS opt-in opt-out protocol

If you decide to promote your services through advertising messages, then you need to remember that the client’s comfort is in the first place. Respect his privacy, personal space and give him the opportunity to unsubscribe.

Opt-in and opt-out are some of the main rules necessary for adequate cooperation with any user. Unwanted messages annoy the person and turn them against your business, so try not to play against yourself.

Not longing at a long-term relationship

To get successful SMS campaigns, most customers want to partner with brands on a regular basis, so they are loyal to text messaging. If you indicate short-term relationships in your SMS, then you undermine your reputation and do not set up your customers favorably.

Also, you shouldn’t use one offer for different groups of people. Analyze audiences to understand which offer will work best for certain customers. Thus, you adapt the text to a specific age category and reach out to every user. Use triggers that will impress the person and express your concern in any way.

If everything is calculated to the smallest detail, then there will be no situation when a text message didn’t get delivered. Check gateways, prepare actionable texts, and offer unique and exclusive new items that will definitely interest you.

How can Testelium help?

Testelium has been a leader in telecommunications for many years, therefore it has hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. A team of professionals helps clients to grow and develop, solving all kinds of problems and troubles. Before starting a marketing campaign, we test all the promotion paths, find the ideal gateways that will bring the best result, and discuss the details with clients.

We will promptly eliminate the problem when customers don’t get SMS messages and analyze the cause of the error. Testelium works every day to improve the service, therefore it consults people and offers original options for notifying potential audiences about new promotions or products.

We will check the newsletter at all levels and prevent unpleasant incidents. Our advantage is that we have a positive attitude towards each user and offer to try our testing service for free to get successful SMS campaigns.

With our SMS integration API, you will take no responsibility for yourself and enjoy a high level of service and great results that can be verified in real-time. For more detailed information, please visit the Testelium website and leave current contacts so that our manager can contact you as soon as possible.

Also, our dialogue can take place in the chat, which is also presented on the site. Do not be afraid to ask the necessary questions and trust the company. With us, your business will get a loyal audience, regular customers, and your profits will grow exponentially. We will help you grow and develop!

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