Notify Logistics raises KES 45 Million to support over 20,000 entrepreneurs in the retail sector


Notify Logistics  a growth accelerator for small businesses in the retail sector in Kenya launched the Notify Entrepreneurs Program to help reduce the cost of doing business for SMEs.

Launched in 2018, Notify Logistics recently raised KES45M in a seed round for its Notify Entrepreneurs Program which empowers entrepreneurs across the country with retail spaces and tools in the Notify Malls located in Nairobi, Eldoret, Nakuru and Mombasa to grow their businesses.

“With this innovative business approach, we will reduce the cost of doing business for small businesses thereby ensuring more entrepreneurial ventures come into existence and thrive.”  Says Steve Waweru Nderitu, Notify Logistics CEO. “According to Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAMS) there are about 7.41 million MSMEs in Kenya, only 1.56 million are licensed whereas 5.85 million are unlicensed. This high number of unlicensed SMES indicates that this is the right time to create room for SMES to thrive and grow and Notify is ready to support these businesses”

Notify Logistics supports small businesses that are unable to afford a physical outlet on their own or hire someone else besides the founder/owner of the business. These ‘small-businesses’ employ about 60% of the total working population in Kenya thus playing a key role in the economy of the country.

The Notify Entrepreneurs Program will provide affordable business space at an annual fee of KES20, 000 in any Notify Mall for 1 Year fully serviced with shop attendants and licenses. This program will also ensure access to products from manufacturers has been made easier and efficient; “We have partnered with manufacturers like Luminarc, Maser, among others both locally and internationally to make it easier for businesses in our Entrepreneurs Program to source for products to sell”, Stated Mr. Waweru CEO, Notify Logistics.

The program will also help entrepreneurs acquire capital by connecting them to investors who are ready to invest in growing businesses. As a way to also motivate the entrepreneurs and mentor them, the program will incorporate a 10-week entrepreneurship training, this training will be moderated and led by successful entrepreneurs to inspire and empower new entrepreneurs and small business owners in Kenya.

The Notify Entrepreneurs program will ensure that small businesses recover from the ravages of the pandemic and achieve success by ensuring that they have the infrastructure that in the past only big manufacturers could afford. In addition to the affordable space, the businesses will have e-commerce support through the Notify e-commerce platform ( where they will be able to also sell their products online thus reaching out to a wider clientele.

Notify Logistics also supports small businesses with photography services at all malls and providing marketing support as well, this will also be incorporated in the Notify Entrepreneurs program.  To successfully curb the logistics issues that most small businesses face, Notify Logistics has negotiated partnerships that will enable FREE countrywide delivery to clients who buy from any of the small businesses in any Notify Mall countrywide and also from the e-commerce platform.