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Lenovo exploited bloatware to send an advertisement carefully

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Prestigious in PCs and tablets, the Lenovo brand used bloatware to send an ad. First seen on Lenovos forum, Many tablet users of the brand are satisfied by the brand’s direction towards this behavior.

To contextualize things, you must first know that bloatware is an application installed on your smartphone without your consent. Moreover the applications can not be easily seen or removed and therefore ends up consuming more space and even inhibiting the performance of your smartphone

On Lenovo tablets, the brand offers a “TIP” that is meant to help users discover more features. However, the manufacturer decided to use this app for advertising Amazon Music, hence escalating different reactions.

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Therefore, on the company’s forums, this caused several people to react, denouncing the fact that a pre-installed application is not supposed to send advertising, in any case, not without warning when buying. Some tablets had completely assumed this system of advertisements, such as the CDisplay from CDiscount, which offered a cheaper version when it was still on sale, but with advertising on the screen.

In the meantime, The Register has contacted Lenovo and told them that they no longer intend to send push notification advertising at this time.

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