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Samsung is allegedly working on a Galaxy Book Fold 17, an astounding two-screen gadget

by Joseph Richard
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A folding laptop equipped with two screens is expected to be dispatched at the start of 2022: here is the Galaxy Book Fold 17.

Samsung is apparently on its plans to foster an astounding portable furnished with two screens that look like a laptop in terms of design and format, yet it lacks a keyboard.

What is known about the Galaxy Book Fold 17?

The first person to spill out the information of this gadget was Ice Universe, an individual who is quite known for giving out precise information about various Samsung Products. From the name, it can be said that it must be light and thin portable computer equipped with a 17-inch slab.

Most recently, Frontron, who also happens to be giving out details about Samsung products, gave us some hints. The unfolded device would benefit from a secondary and primary screens screen at the level of the hands, most certainly tactile to control the device. We imagine a virtual keyboard displayed to type text when needed.

Another folding gadget from Samsung, But not a smartphone this time

Frontron says that the gadget’s screen will be 17inches when the galaxy fold 17 is opened(Unfolded) and 13 inches when it is closed(Folded). At the time of publishing this article, there is no precise information on the original product since it was expected to be unveiled in August due to IMID (International Meeting on Information Display) 2021. A trade fair in South Korea who are specialized in screen technologies.

The source reports that an exit can be expected as early as the first quarter of 2022, but it seems to be more of a wet-finger estimate than reliable information at the moment.

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