Saturday, August 13, 2022
Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Mercedes dispatch the Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept car

by Joseph Richard
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Mercedes showcased its new concept car, the EQS. This comfortable SUV from Mercedes resembles the Maybach brand, for example, the paint biton,only to note that it is integrated with electric technology this time.

This means that the production of this model is about to start because currently, it is only a “Concept car.”The finishing on board has a lot to tell. From the design to its perfection is well done so that an individual will have the luxury of using this car.

A very decent finish

Mercedes Maybach has always been the #1 brand to come up with vehicles offering irresistible touch. In terms of quality, the Mercedes S-class has got no say in this case. Nothing was left behind. The craftsmanship put on the board is like that of a yacht fitted with high technology and expensive materials.

With the Driver and executive pack, the rear seats are like those seen on luxurious limousines as they offer a space attached with high-end materials. . The Black Piano finishes give way here to white Piano combined with materials in navy blue. For the outer region, bitoin and chrome paint, together with the 24-inch rims, gives the electric SUV a breathtaking appearance.

A brand with a clear goal

The Mercedes-Maybach brand first targets the younger generation by presenting the equipment and connectivity that is well accepted.

“With the Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept, we are transforming the century-old brand for an electric future. The futuristic design consists of an emotional integration of surfaces and shapes. With the progressive Maybach grille, the front follows the principle of integration and gives the brand a completely new appearance. With the new aerodynamic proportion of the SUV, we completely redefine the luxury SUV of the future”.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler

If Africa is not one of the best customers to Mercedes-Maybach, the brand is still widely known worldwide, for example, Russia, China, South Korea, United States, Germany, and so On. Currently when this SUV is presented is not known, but one is for sure. It will arrive on the roads with close to 600 Km autonomies.

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