Apple may launch the iPhone 13 together with a new MagSafe charger


Apple’s next flagship smartphone is expected to be released this September. Moreover, there are speculations from the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) that it may arrive with a MagSafe charger released the previous year. We expect that this upcoming MagSafe would solve some bugs in the last Model if that is true.

By the way, FCC is a public committee that must go through new hardware to ensure that they meet particular standards before being dispatched. However, most recently, it has become a source of information for individuals looking to get first-hand information about products released from well-known brands in the US. In this way, a Twitter user(@davezatz) managed to get the image for the magnetic charger from the committee specifically made for the iPhone. The picture doesn’t spill more, but a diagram of the Lightning socket and the serial number of this new Apple product: A2548 can be seen

Digging deeper into this new charger, what can be confirmed for now is that it has been tested with four iPhone 12 models and four iPhone 13 models. This compatibility with the iPhone 12 suggests that it will be primarily a light evolution of last year’s charger. On the iPhone 13, Apple seems to have planned a system of more powerful magnets, for which this new MagSafe would be particularly suitable. Because of its compatibility with the iPhone 13 than the 12 models, you can guess that the chances of it showing in just a few days is very much possible.

With a bit of karma, in any case, Apple might have somewhat reexamined its duplicate to fix different blemishes in the current MagSafe. Notwithstanding an occasionally questionable hold, conceivably revised by more grounded magnets, iPhone Customers have without a doubt detailed that the back charger tends to scratch the shell of their cell phone, or that it warms up a great deal, or that it demagnetizes a few cards close by.

To see, consequently, regardless of whether this new variation of the MagSafe will address these problems. Regardless of whether Apple has already decided to build the power of its magnets, it will still count as an added advantage to the current system. The Cupertino firm offers an attractive card holder reasonable for iPhones, just as a MagSafe outer battery sold for at least Ksh 13,000. At this cost, as long as the embellishments are all around hung!