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Are you concerned that your laptop will not last as long as it should? You can extend the life of your laptop by doing ten things, such as changing the battery or performing a malware scan. Buying a new laptop can be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Your present laptop may be made to live longer if you follow a few easy methods that I’ve found to be quite useful in keeping your computer from breaking down sooner than it should, since, let’s face it, planned obsolescence is a real thing. It goes without saying that computers should be treated with affection and care. Any tension, percussive maintenance, or abrupt hits to its internal and exterior components may cause damage, reducing its lifespan.

  1. Clean your Space

Yes, tidy your room first, even if it’s a bit of a detour. At least half of the dust particles come from human skin, with the remainder coming from fabrics, dust mites, and other external sources. Every day, humans shed half a billion skin cells, which is about the weight of a penny. Imagine carrying up to 365 pennies a year – that’s how much a single person sheds.

The majority of these dust particles are in close proximity to your bed and on your desk. These dust particles might clog your laptop’s cooling system, reducing its efficiency and raising the device’s temperature, because some time laptops are use by kids.

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  1. Overheating laptops

Laptops are intended to operate in a safe temperature range of 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10–35 degrees Celsius). The ideal temperature for the CPU (which is the brain of the laptop) is 176°F (80°C). Overheating your laptop might cause harm to its internal components. It is much easier to keep your laptop from overheating if you have a clean environment with less particles in the air.

  1. Battery should be replaced.

Is the battery life on your laptop a quarter of what it once was? Replace the battery if necessary. A laptop’s battery can deteriorate over time to the point that it only maintains 80% of its initial charge, or even less in extreme circumstances. Although a new laptop battery is not inexpensive, it is still less expensive than purchasing a new laptop. However, be wary about buying inexpensive batteries on the internet.

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  1. Make Use of Cooling Pads

If you’ve ever attempted to use your laptop on your bed while covered in a blanket, you’ll know how quickly it warms up. This is because most computers have their air intake at the bottom, and your blanket, along with all of your skin cells, is obstructing the ventilation. The same is true for your desk: the closer it is to the surface, the less air it will allow in. Once you elevate the laptop with a cooling pad, this won’t be an issue.

  1. At the very least once a year, open it up and give it a thorough cleaning

If you’re still under warranty, I wouldn’t advocate doing this, but the concept is the same as number 1. It’s simple: use a screwdriver to pry out the bottom section. Both the motherboard and the rear cover are visible. Use strong alcohol and a gentle brush or cotton swab to remove the dusty areas. It’s possible that the cooling fan and heat sink require additional attention. Alcohol is beneficial since it quickly vaporizes. A cloth can be used to wipe away the plastic coating. 

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  1. When You Feel the Need, Upgrade the Components

Maintaining your laptop is a never-ending fight; as time passes, your laptop will have to store more files and become slower. In the future, newer programs and websites will have higher system requirements, and your computer will need to stay up with them. This is why we will need to upgrade the internal components of our computers at some point. Each year, the changes become well and better.

  1. RAM should be upgraded

While boosting your RAM isn’t an option for many laptops, it is typically a simple remedy for improving your laptop’s performance and responsiveness. You may simply extend the life of your old laptop by three years by upgrading the RAM.

  1. Take good care of your laptop

Dropping, shaking, or bumping a computer’s hard disk can result in permanent and irreversible damage. Drinks should not be placed near the computer. A spill on the keyboard will very certainly harm it beyond repair. Because the laptop creates a magnetic field, it should not be placed near any electrical equipment.

A laptop’s life expectancy is comparable to that of a human being: Part of it has to do with being responsible. Nothing you do will ensure that it will not die young or fail to keep up with increasingly difficult responsibilities. And there’s no assurance that if you use it badly, it won’t survive much longer than planned, but the strategies listed above can help you make your laptop last forever and be used properly.

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