Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Home Apps The Google Home app has the air quality parameter. How far is it from Kenya?

The Google Home app has the air quality parameter. How far is it from Kenya?

by Joseph Richard
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The air quality app was first seen in the States Via the Google home application. Will Kenyans be able to benefit from it?

A few weeks ago, the integration of this component on the Nesthub was made Public. Google dispatched some important settings on its beloved App.

When publishing this article, the Mountain View firm has not fully completed the integration of this component on Nest hub since its inception. In the States, quite many cell phones are already running without issues. This feature,” Air quality,” can be accessed if you navigate to the settings and tap “Air quality again.”It is just that simple as it is located between the “Weather” and “Notifications segments.

At the moment, it seems that this setting does not change the air quality display on Nest Hubs connected to the same account. Therefore, it is rather strange that Google has already deployed the environment, especially since the Nest-connected screens already display the information on their lower-left corner for some residents of the United States.

Just click on this badge to have access to more information about the air quality of the surrounding area, with a complete and clear color code for easy location. But the question we all ask ourselves is the arrival of such a feature in Africa, particularly in Kenya. Curious? I am too. However, it would not be launched to meet a real need during forest fires, as is the case in the United States.

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