Comparison of the best apps that will help you manage your daily tasks


Do you want to live a life you have always dreamt of? That includes meeting your daily, monthly, and even yearly goals. Worry no more in today’s guide. We have compiled a list of the several applications that will help you adapt to all you want to achieve, thus increasing your productivity?


Since its birth in 2011, the growth of Any.DO has been increasing. Each screen comprises buttons marked “+” for creating tasks, just like other task managers mentioned below Any.DO will require you to register with them to access their services. The free version of this does not permit the creation of recurring tasks. For this, it is necessary to turn to the Premium subscription at €2,29/Ksh 300

Download Anydo-Android


The application was developed in 2013 but started operating on Android smartphones in 2015. Like the Other Task Manager Applications, Habatica also centers around Task management. Moreover, it gives you help in managing your day to day tasks, and at the same time, it helps you avoid bad habits by suggesting to you better ones.

Habatica is enjoyable to use. Why so? Every progress you achieve is shown on your profile. In one way or another, to achieve better results, there will be complex tasks that you will have to endure while using this app. Therefore this means that gaining or losing health points depends on you alone. Habatica helps you manage yourself by presenting you with different challenges. By the way, at the end of each challenge, rewards are waiting for you. While using the app, at the back of your mind, know that each task has deadlines and reminders that you must meet. The app also offers a paid version at just Ksh 600 a month or € 4.60.


You need to create an account with a Google, Microsoft, Apple, Slack ID, or simply using your email to use the app. This allows you to find the contents of your boards on a computer, on a tablet, or on your smartphone. Each task (or map) contains a start and end date, optional reminders, colorful labels, the ability to add collaborating members, and comments to communicate during the advance. You can also create checklists, which are lists of subtasks. The paid version at 10 dollars per month or  Ksh 1101 allows you to access the chronogram view (on computer only) as project manager. This Business Class offer is oriented towards project management for somewhat professional use(advanced checklists, automation, and many more)

Do it(Tomorrow)

This application is one of the most fantastic applications you can find today. It is very accurate in its form, there are no collaborators, attachments, deadlines, labels, etc., but you will write your lists on two sheets of paper using a simple pen. To access either today’s or tomorrow’s task, you can use a simple arrow.

The application allows you to create an account, but it is not required to use it. The catch only comes when you want to access some advanced features(widgets and google tasks). For that, you will have to pay € 2.25 /Ksh 300 or  €5.26/Ksh 700.


Like most task managers, TickTick helps you boost your productivity, starting with adding entries very quickly. Tasks can also be composed vocally: dictate the title and the application creates the job in one second. Of course, some features that you will find at TickTick are: deadline, reminders (available even in the free version), labels, priority (none, low, medium, and high. As with Todoist, if you enter a date and time in the title of a task, TickTick automatically turns them into a deadline. In the paid version, you have almost no limits on the number of lists (299), functions per list (999), subtasks per task (199), reminders per task (5), attachments per day (25). And if you opt for an annual payment, the fee is € 2.50/Ksh 325 per month.


The application uses pictograms that facilitate the addition of essential data of your tasks in the same field, such as deadlines, titles, priorities, etc. However, Todoist has a slight catch. Suppose you write what looks like a date and time in the title of a task. The application converts it to a deadline. The todoist app is a bit unique from the rest. You can easily sync your data with Google calendar tasks.

Unline the rest of the applications mentioned above. Todoist allows you to sort your task according to labels, customs, projects, and many other filters seen in the app. You have access to productivity statistics based on the progress of tasks. You can consult the activity log of completed tasks. And in this way, a simple task manager turns into a war machine to boost your efficiency !. The application offers two subscriptions (€3/Ksh 400 & €5/Ksh 700 per month). They allow you to unlock the limits of several features included in the free version: number of sorting filters, active projects, collaborators per project. They also give you access to reminders, which are unfortunately not included in the free offer.

Remember the Milk

The app was developed in 2004 and centers around task management as its priority. Once this software lands on your phone, you are required to do a registration process. This is very useful because it gives you the power of accessing your data from whichever place you are.

The application purely does what it was developed for, organizing and managing your tasks. This means that you are no individual who is limited while using the app. Thanks to its Smart Add system, you can access advanced features at a go. You can create a task in seconds, in a single field, using a pictogram that adds essential information such as assignment to collaborators, title, periodicity, priority, and deadline. Once you have submitted your tasks, The application lets you add tags via email, Skype, Sms…etc. How cool is it?

The innovative listing system(Pre-sorted lists based on priority or date) allows you to quickly locate your lists after adding them to your favorite section. The app’s free version will enable you to share your desired lists with only two people; however, if you want to access cool features, add a subtask to created task accompanied by its date. An Amount of Ksh 4,000 or $ 39.99 would serve the purpose.