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The new MacBook Pro, in M1X, would be launched later after the iPhone 13

The new iPhone and Apple Watch are expected to be announced on September 14, but these are not the only Apple products expected this September. If component shortages could raise fears of delays in the launch of the new MacBook Pro, the latest information from Asia seems to confirm that the Pro 14 and 16 ” models will be delivered on time. It should be the first Mac equipped with the new M1X chip, an evolution of the M1 chip.

Difficult birth for the new MacBook Pro. While the M1 chip has gradually integrated the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13″, Mac Mini, iMac and iPad Pro since 2020, we are still waiting for the Apple brand to complete its top-of-the-range with its new Silicon chip family. A priori named M1X, this evolution of the M1 should integrate the most powerful Mac Mini models, MacBook Pro 16″ but also a new MacBook Pro 14″, and probably a future iMac, more significant than the current 27″.

Since 2020, rumors have been rife about this. After some leaks evoking a potential release in the spring, more serious talks were about releasing at least one of these new products in August 2021, if the shortages of components allow it. The official announcement of the products, and their release in the wake, is expected for this fall, probably October or November.

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Today, the delivery of the new MacBook Pro components, especially the mini-LED screens, seems to be usually going. The mass production of the new computers would have started in August, which may partly explain some confusion relayed in information leaks. Apple’s goal would be to have sufficient stock at the launch of the new MacBook Pro, with about four million units to be distributed by the end of the year.

If all goes well, the new MacBook Pro should be ready for the holidays, if not available for the back to school. Rather than having suffered head-on the current shortages, Apple seems to have delayed slightly to ensure its supplies.

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As usual with the Cupertino firm, which avoids telescoping its launches, it will now be necessary to wait for the end of the hype around the new iPhone 13 to see concrete announcements and release dates for the new Macs.

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