iPhone13:A new color with a new smartphone program?


Apple is just about to release a new series of iPhone, with only a few days remaining. An opportunity that we are not yet to discover. However, what is striking now on the web is what colors will the iPhone 13.

Does the iPhone accept 13 colors?

With the new iPhone in terms of a series of strict hardware, the surprises continue. Indeed, according to various rumors, what they will be proud of in the future is the new color scheme of the iphone13 are black, bronze and pink because currently, Apple’s color scheme is very high.

In terms of details of what is essential is the new features of the iPhone 13. You can pay for a new black pro color to replace the graphite & Bronze finish. The iPhone 13 may be part of a new pink dress, but it will not take the green clothing.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few days to find out everything about this new iphone13 series. As usual, we will bring you all the stories from Apple Park.