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Xiaomi 11T Pro Software will overcome the one from Apple

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The update time provided by the iPhone is significantly longer than the update time of the Android device. To compensate for this difficulty, the responsibility lies with the manufacturer because they have to adapt to the new version of Android. Currently, with the 11t and 11t Pro from Xiaomi, security updates will be go on for at least  4 years.

The life expectancy of smartphones is a hot topic, especially in the field of environmental protection. However, on the other hand, to maintain the longevity of the hardware, does not depend on the battery life but the latest software used in its production. Because in older versions, researchers have repeatedly discovered severe security vulnerabilities. On sensitive devices, such as smartphones, can be dangerous. Therefore, if a manufacturer stops devoting himself to software support, it is always a good sign. The upcoming  xiaomi 11 and 11 pro smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer will support three further Android versions and four years of security updates.

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Exclusivity of the first flagship

In addition to the security aspect, the extended software support is a real bonus to the practical level. It’s not all hard, because it’s not very user-friendly, it’s a simple and extended code related to software “With the continuous optimization of the smartphone hardware, the life cycle of the smartphone is gradually extended. This means that users no longer need to change their smartphones frequently. For this reason, more and more consumers are taking the latest features very seriously, including the latest operating system updates, ” said Albert shan, head of product and technology.

Students(Young smartphone users) can’t understand this: the new rule initially applies only to 11t and 11pro. This method is very respectable, but at first, it does not benefit the current user. After all, Xiaomi checks on its data whether it is possible to extend the program to the old model. However, this is not guaranteed. The question of how to communicate correctly appears at Apple. Even reaching for a very dusty iPhone 6 can run iOS 14.

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Android To dance More

Samsung is working on a long cycle of updates, and, of course, there are several budget models. We think manufacturers often don’t understand why they have their own user interface to rely on, and in recent years, Chinese commercial companies have become the Internet, after all, many people technically have to happen this time.

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