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Top Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond helps Bloggers in Africa get online via

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In this digital age, everyone would like to know how to make money online with a blog without having to invest huge capital while working from home.

This article introduces you to the work of digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, who has been guiding people on how to make money online from home. And you don’t have to worry about quitting your day job just yet, as you can still retain your day job. The work from home approach could be practiced at least until your online business becomes profitable.

Fernando wants to influence many young African bloggers to get online by providing cheap hosting and online skills acquisition services through his web service companies – ClickDo and SeekaHost – especially countries like Kenya.

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SeekaHost University, Fernando Raymond is the founder of this university, It’s offers affordable online education to anyone who wants to learn the vital digital skills to work online and become a successful digital entrepreneur.

Who exactly is Fernando Raymond?

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Fernando Raymond was born in Sri Lanka, and currently, living in London, United Kingdom; he is the founder of SeekaHost, a leading global web hosting company and ClickDo digital agency, all based in London.

He is a renowned digital entrepreneur, who is notable for his digital marketing agency, ClickDo – a London-based SEO Agency and consultancy firm with an astonishing portfolio that encompasses the most authentic SEO techniques that help clients to rank for some of the toughest keywords.

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He is currently building a revolutionary eLearning platform to provide world-class online education on digital marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and various other digital skills acquisition to help both beginners and advanced students to build their digital business and attain true freedom.

How Fernando Raymond wants to help Bloggers in Africa get online via

As a top digital entrepreneur, Fernando has been providing the very best of tomorrow’s digital strategies to help those that are new to online business. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can take a look at how he grew each of his companies with the latest online marketing strategies, and SEO techniques which he wishes to tailor to your own business.

SeekaHost, founded by Fernando Raymond, offers the cheapest web hosting packages for personal and business website hosting, with one of the most reliable and efficient web hosting plans in the market. The hosting company boasts of the latest web hosting technologies, including servers and web platforms, which guarantees the integrity of systems, which have been tested for over a decade to ensure best performance.

The best part is that you’ll also get free access to online SEO training courses so that you can learn first-hand the most important skills to rank your business website on search engines like Google. The step-by-step tutorials will also show you how easy it really is to start a personal blog and apply SEO techniques to grow your brand online.

Why Choose SeekaHost for Your Web Hosting Services?

SeekaHost is perhaps the most affordable, reliable, and efficient web hosting services provider in the market. And also you get the cheapest domain registration without any hidden changes starting at just $5.99 per domain. 

Also, SeekaHost have extensive resources to help small and medium business owners to master the art of building successful businesses and you get a dedicated portal to manage all your web hosting needs via which is the best choice to create your Personal or business website for best performance, with guaranteed 24/7 support to handle every technical issues.

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