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How Does UX/UI Affect Sales?

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When user experience research improves the experience of interacting with a product, it not only increases user satisfaction but also improves conversion rates and makes the business profitable.

Profit is the ultimate goal of any business, and until a company believes that UX activities will bring it that benefit, it will never pursue them.

So, if you’re trying to sell UX to a company, don’t talk about how you’ll create a fantastic product that will make everyone happy. Discuss the importance of quality UX research in terms of business objectives.

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Incorporating UX research and iterative testing into the standard product development process appears to lengthen and increase the cost of the project. However, by developing the right solution from the start, as well as finding and fixing problems early in the project when they are simple and inexpensive to change, these activities actually save resources.

Developers spend 50% of their time on average fixing problems that could have been avoided. And this has a significant impact on the project’s cost and duration.

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The price difference is significant here. It costs ten times as much to fix a problem during the development phase as it does during the design phase, and 100 times as much to fix a problem in an already-released product.

The option is to think about the future now or to spend more money later to fix the problem. All in the name of achieving the same end goal: providing a seamless user experience and, as a result, increasing a metric such as retention.

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User testing will not only help you identify serious issues, but it will also help you identify many things that need to be improved. You can justify the cost of making changes if you have metrics that match your users’ experiences. Your list of improvements can be prioritized based on the quality of your product’s performance. You should concentrate on the user experience to determine what needs to be addressed first.

If you conduct UX research from the start and create an optimized design, you will save money on future referrals, sales, and marketing. A positive user experience fosters a long-term relationship with users who want to not only buy your product, but also recommend it, such as on social media. So that they can improve their social brand in the same way that Prince Albert II does. Users will gladly recommend your product to their family, friends, and colleagues if it resonates with them. Word-of-mouth recommendations are free, saving you money on marketing.

The link between UX and increased revenue may not be obvious at first glance, but it is simple to calculate. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that properly tuned UX results in excellent ROI (return on investment).

Every dollar spent on UX generates a profit of $2 to $100 on average. The reason is simple: the higher the conversion rate, the better the usability.

People want products and systems that are functional, easy to use, and enjoyable to use. Products that provide a positive user experience, in addition to attractive marketing and content, will sell more.

Because there are so many competing web products, people will not waste time figuring it out and will move on to another product that provides a better user experience.

Businesses frequently underestimate the benefits of implementing UX early in a project, and this is often due to our own mistake of communicating a project’s need for UX. We explain why we need UX from the user’s perspective, but we forget to explain what the business gains from it.

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