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Why is the price of Bitcoin Skyrocketing High? 

by James Musoba
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Bitcoin has remained popular when it comes to the choice of Cryptocurrency in the market. Although one can find it dipping in terms of value after April when it was 64K USD and later in the few months turned half of it, yet the growing up of the coin has begun. Well, it would be interesting to see why the price of Bitcoin seems to be growing in no time. We see BTC breaking all the records, and it has gone all-time high. Hence it is interesting to note how and why the price of the coin is seen going on the higher side and that too at the quicker pace. Time to analyze and understand the way things are moving ahead in the following ways. There are different places like the websites and sites like Profit Edge Website that can help you to find the answer for the same. Let’s check them out in the following paragraphs: 

Why is BTC Sky Rocketing? 

Well, bitcoin can be called a digital currency, which seemed to have come up in a storm in 2017. When we saw the price rising in the coming few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the craze for Bitcoin was seen soaring in recent times. Yet, one can find the prices going down in the past few months, going just half of 64K USD when it was at its peak in April. But this is as obvious with Bitcoin as the price, and its value keeps on rising and falling all the time. The fact is here we are more concerned about why the prices of Bitcoin have been increasing all the time despite the decay in it. One can find some specific reasons behind the price rise of Bitcoin that tend to go up by 5 percent in one single day. 

Coinbase seems to be one of the keys and popular exchange points for one and more digital coins, and Bitcoin has always seen doing well on it. It is also listed over the Nasdaq Global Inc. Coinbase seemed to have embarked with 100 billion USD while the market seemed to have listed the coin with great confidence, thus allowing the digital currency investors to go in a big way. Over time, one can find several big companies and groups along with celebrities and others who have come to understand the very importance of Blockchain, the technology behind BTC and other digital coins. Coinbase is regarded as a value that has come with a whopping amount of money that goes to around 100 billion USD.  The market-moving around the digital market seemed to have gone in a bullish way, like how one can see Coinbase listing. There are several companies, including Tesla, that have started accepting Bitcoin being the genuine source of payment. As the popularity of BTC is going up, the price has also been seen increasing in recent times.

Let’s talk about the Bitcoin bubble and the way one can forecast the prices of Bitcoin. As we see, digital currencies are now getting endorsed and then used by the various government and companies’ departments, more and more are seen getting used in daily functions. One can find Bitcoin turning out to be two inescapable things in the coming times. However, several financial experts and economists feel that the digital currency market can simply act as the future. While looking at the prices of Bitcoin, it can be simply said that there is something like the Bitcoin Bubble that comes into the picture. 

However, if you compare with the traditional currencies in tandem to the inflation it takes place, the value of BTC and fiat currencies go on a different note. Fiat currencies have their limitations, while digital ones like BTC have their own. Bitcoin can be deflationary, which is certainly not the case with traditional money. This simply means that there is no limit to BTC when it comes to the price and its value. Unlike any central bank or union government that may have the capacity of printing the currencies in a big way, yet these have their limitations as things work as per the international norms. In this way, one can find Bitcoin hitting all-time high when we compare it with other digital coins, and it will remain on the higher side, attracting more and more investors towards it.

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